YAMAHA FG820 Review – Which is the best guitar for your music gear?

To enjoy an immersive sound experience when playing for a live band or when trying to unwind, you would need to invest in high quality musical instruments. More often than not, the quality of musical instruments, whether a guitar, drum or piano, are determined by their overall construction quality which in turn affects their optimal sound performance levels.

Yamaha is among the most popular brands that have dominated the sound/audio industry for the longest time in music history. It is known for manufacturing the most versatile, high-end musical instruments and budget friendly picks designed to meet all your sound needs and satisfy your personal preferences. Among a few high end musical instruments under the Yamaha brand, are its acoustic guitars of which most of them are an absolute value for the buck.

Generally, among the factors that you would need to consider when purchasing a guitar for your music gear are your music entry level, the number of strings on the guitar, the overall length of the guitar and the neck width. The music entry level matters because beginner levels demand less complex guitars while more professional levels need more advanced musical instruments. When it comes to the number of strings, you have the option to pick between 6-string, 8-string, 12, string and 9-string acoustic guitars depending on your musical and sound requirements. The scale-length and comprehensive length of the guitar, on the other hand, should at least sit right with your fingers and hand so that you can always be comfortable when playing. In addition to that, the neck width of your acoustic guitar ensures comfort and ease when playing.

In this article, we have narrowed down your options to the Yamaha FG820 acoustic guitar. We will review the Yamaha FG820 in terms of its top features, structure and performance to establish whether it would be a great addition to your music gear.

What to expect from the Yamaha FG820

The Yamaha FG820, 12-string acoustic guitar was introduced in 1966 and it features a combination of a superb musical tone, comfortable playability and a decent build structure. It’s newly developed scalloped bracing design raises its aesthetic fabric and it has an exceptional and delightful sound performance level due to its newly developed and optimized structure. It is designed and developed for both novice and expert guitarists who are trying to find new equipment for their music gear and anyone seeking to enjoy an immersive guitar and music experience.

The Yamaha FG820 falls under the FG Series by Yamaha designed with full-sized dreadnought bodies, fast-playing necks and professional grade tonewoods to ensure that you are able to acquire a delightful guitar experience when playing. Generally, if you are a novice player, you will be impressed with the comfort levels of its neck and body that entirely reduces finger soreness and wrist cramps, the full sound it produces and the low string action that minimizes fret buzz. Well, if you are a seasoned player with a lot more experience, the Yamaha FG820 is a perfect backup guitar for your musical sessions. You will be delighted by the details of tone it delivers, its acoustic power and you would absolutely love its playability levels.

It features a solid spruce top that yields an excellent, articulate sound with fantastic projection while its mahogany back and sides have been designed to accentuate midrange frequencies as it simultaneously maintains top-end clarity when you are playing. It provides you with an easy and fast playing rosewood fretboard and a smooth feeling standard-shaped neck to ensure absolute comfort while playing. Its performance has been optimized using a scalloped bracing that highlights low frequencies and heightens projection. Its elegant cream-colored body raises the aesthetic fabric of your music gear, which is indeed an added advantage to your music gear if you are really keen on aesthetics.

What are the Key Features?

There are multiple unique features that the Yamaha FG820 guitar possesses, however, the main features that make this particular acoustic guitar stand out are as follows;

Sophisticated Design

To satisfy your personal preferences, the Yamaha FG820 comes in a total of 5 colors that you can choose from including Black, Natural, Autumn Burst, Sunset Blue and Brown Sunburst. In addition to that, its traditional western design is a balance of elegant, classic and luxury which seamlessly blends with the blues and country music. The glossy finish on its structure is quite eye-catching and keeps it shiny at all times.

Durability and Reliability

The Yamaha FG820 has been crafted and manufactured from high quality woods such as Mahogany, Rosewood and Sitka Spruce which are designed to last you a lifetime, from the beginning of your guitar journey to the advanced levels of your musical journey. In addition to that, it has a gloss finish which significantly resists moisture thus increasing its durability levels and makes it scratch resistant enough to withstand high traffic use. The plastic crème binding on the fretboard also adds to its durability. All in all, we can establish that the durability levels of the Yamaha FG820 makes it reliable enough for all your musical activities.

Exceptional Sound Performance

When getting your guitar, you need to always evaluate its sound performance because that’s really the gist of music. Generally, there are times when acoustic guitars become slightly difficult to hear especially when playing in a large crowd but you can always adjust this using a microphone or amplifier. Most times, you may also notice that high performing guitars are often quite expensive, but this is not the case with the Yamaha FG820. The Yamaha FG820 has a warm sound and it is definitely a great guitar for playing the blues and country songs.

In addition to that, its scalloped bracing design contributes to its exceptional sound quality by balancing the tones and ensuring that you are able to acquire refined sounds at all times when playing the guitar. Also, there is the notion that its sound gets better as it ages. Most guitarists using the Yamaha FG820 say that as the wood on the body slowly ages over time, the guitar becomes lighter, more resonant and more responsive which eventually starts sounding even warmer and better.

Brand Guarantee

Customer satisfaction comes from a guaranteed brand. As mentioned earlier, Yamaha is among the most renowned brands in the music world and it personally manufactures its guitars from scratch and with utmost precision. When looking into the FG series, we can establish that it has been in the industry for the longest time and we can identify a great clientele who are acquainted with the Yamaha FG820 acoustic guitar.


  • Features an elegant, classic and sophisticated design that raises the aesthetic fabric of your music gear
  • Crafted from high quality materials and features a sturdy construction structure
  • Warm, crisp, refined and even sound compared to most acoustic guitars
  • Has a glossy finish that contributes to its moisture and scratch resistance performance
  • Comes in an array of colors that you can choose from
  • Newly developed scalloped bracing that ensures louder sounds are heard when playing
  • Absolute value for the buck
  • Accommodates both right-handed and left-handed guitar players


  • You may need to continually replace its strings as they are not of the best quality
  • It does not come with a case that you can store it in when not in use
  • Middling high-range sound performance
  • You may begin to notice a fret buzz over time


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The exceptional sound quality that the Yamaha FG820 produces when playing the blues and country music is quite satisfying and an absolute factor to consider when trying to find the best guitar for your music gear. In addition to that, the durable build quality that it has to offer, makes it a great guitar within its price range and a great companion for all your music activities. In as much as it has a few shortcomings when it comes to the quality of its strings, you are able to prevent a fret buzz by investing in better quality strings that are longer lasting and a guarantee of a better guitar experience. Also, we recommend the Yamaha FG820 for both novice who are looking to purchase their first guitar and intermediate guitarists looking for an upgrade. Aside from that, the Yamaha FG820 has been designed to fully accommodate any guitarist who is on a budget but wouldn’t want to compromise quality.


Does the Yamaha FG820 Guitar use nylon or steel strings?

It uses steel strings made by Yamaha. However, when you need to replace them, any good quality steel strings sized .012-.052 should suffice.

Does the Yamaha FG820 Acoustic guitar come with a capo?

Unfortunately, the Yamaha FG820 acoustic guitar does not come with a capo. In the event that you would need to/?tag=guitorplanet-20 urgently use one, you can check on different online stores or guitar stores to find a perfect match.

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