The Best Guitar for Blues – A Detailed Buying Guide

Are you looking for a guitar on which you can play hose deep blues that have some form of emotional inclination? This article explores some of the best and most practical guitars for blues, and we tell you what about them stands out.

Seeing as there are several types of blues that range from Chicago Blues, Delta Blues and even to Country Blues, it is imperative to recognize that one thing they all have in common is a beautiful depth and emotional inclination that makes the heart almost come alive.

If this quality is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place.

Having ample experience in the world of Blues, I have gone ahead to review and document a couple guitars that bear impressive characteristics and that make excellent instruments for all things Blues.

The Best Guitar for Blues Comparison Table

Guitar Name
Body Material
Special Feature
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Fender Vintera - '70s Stratocaster
Maple wood top and back
Vintage style
Fender Telecaster - 6 String Electric Guitar
Ash wood top and back
Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO
Maple wood top, mahogany back
D-profile neck
Fender - Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar
Maple wood top, alder wood back
C-shaped neck profile
Gibson Les Paul - Standard Electric Guitar
Maple wood top, mahogany back
Set in neck

The Best Guitar for Blues Products Review

Fender Vintera – ’70s StratocasterThis guitar is known for its beautiful vintage style

If you are looking to tap into the world of blues using an incredible electric guitar, this brand right here may just be the place to start.

Key features

  • Unique vintage look
  • Ash wood top board
  • Mahogany back board
  • Six-point synchronized tremolo
  • Hendrix-style headstock

Easily one of the most popular and reliable electric guitars, the Fender Vintera – ‘70s Stratocaster sets itself apart from the myriad of electric guitars to choose from today.

It comes with a beautiful vintage look that will se you back a cool 40 years, but in an incredible way.

One of the characteristics that makes it an ideal guitar is its large headstock that works well for blues. Such starts as Walter Trout and Jimi Hendrix made some of their best music on this guitar, largely because it is able to deliver those deep soulful melodies that make a huge part of Blues.

With a large headstock such as this one, you can be certain that your strings will retain tension even after intense play. It also makes tuning your guitar a whole lo easier than it is on guitars with smaller headstocks.

When it comes to build, the Fender Vintera – ‘70s Stratocaster features strong material that makes it a strong and durable instrument. The top board is made using ash wood which, apart from being a strong hardwood, makes an incredibly beautiful material for your guitar.

On the back board of the guitar is mahogany which is also a beautiful wood. Since it is a hard wood, it also gives the guitar a good deal of durability and strength, allowing you to use this guitar a good deal of time.

Its fingerboard has a .25” radius, making it an ideal instrument for people that have smaller hands. It also has an incredibly unique fret board which features 21” which spots an intriguing vintage look.

Boasting three single coil pickups, this guitar comes with a distinct sound that is easily recognizable even on a record. This is why this guitar has become one of the most popular instruments in the world.


  • Has a beautiful vintage look
  • It boasts three single coil pickups
  • Has a large headstock
  • Has a conveniently sized fingerboard
  • Built using string and beautiful material


  • There are literally almost no cons to this guitar since it comes with all-ideal features


With the Fender Vintera – ‘70s Stratocaster, you can be certain that you are going to achieve beautiful Blues since it was literally built for this. It is also a beautiful guitar that features a string builder, giving you the reassurance that you will have it a good deal of time.

It is also an affordable instrument that is accessible to all.

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Fender Telecatser – 6 String Electric GuitarIdeal for both left and right handed guitarists

If you are a gifted ambidextrous guitarist and are looking for an incredible guitar to match your talent, this guitar will be an ideal match for you.

Key features

  • Ambidextrous
  • Solid ash body
  • Two single-coil pickups
  • Maple neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Vintage Fender deluxe tuners

Fender has long been one of the best and most reliable manufacturers or producers of electric guitars and amplifiers, and the Fender Telecaster – 6 string Electric Guitar does not fall short of expectation.

One of the main features that sets it apart from a good majority of electric guitars is its adaptability and versatility, especially because of its ability to perform across multiple genres of music, right from rock to blues.

With an exceptional twang with each pluck, this guitar produces a sound that is hard to ignore since it is quite distinct. This characteristic is what makes it one of the most popular guitars for Blues.

With this twang comes an awesome hum that adds depth and fullness to the sound produced with each pluck, making it an incredible sound for Blues and other soulful types of music.

When it comes to build, this instrument features some of the best and strongest material that not only makes this guitar durable, but also beautiful. The top and back board are made using ash wood which is largely the reason for its ashy look.

This type of wood also spots a beautiful grain that causes the vintage look on the guitar to stand out.

Aside from being beautiful, this wood is also quite hardy, giving this guitar a good deal of durability, meaning that your money will be worth it. Seeing as it has a C-neck profile, it proves quite easy to play, and this is also another reason for its popularity.

What makes this guitar exceptional, however, is the fact that it is made to be used by both left and right handed guitarists, a characteristic that makes it a highly competitive.


  • Can be used across multiple genres
  • Comes with a distinct twang and hum
  • Ideal for both left and right handed guitarists
  • Easy to use C-neck profile
  • Great vintage build


  • This guitar is pretty expensive


While ambidexterity in the guitar world is quite a rarity, the Fender Telecaster – 6 string Electric Guitar comes with this unique feature that makes it ideal for anyone. More important, however, is its ability to support beautiful blues, thanks to its distinct twang combined with a nice hum that makes the sounds fuller.

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Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop PROHas a D-profile neck

This guitar comes with an exceptionally beautiful look that makes it stand out as a unique instrument for unique Blues guitarists.

Key features

  • Mahogany body
  • Pau Fuerro fingerboard
  • 3-way pickup selector toggle switch
  • 22 frets
  • Maple wood top board
  • Mahogany back board

If you are looking for a unique look on an electric guitar, this instrument right here is the one for you.

With a modern rock guitar look and slim neck profile, this guitar sets itself apart as a unique and incredibly practical electric guitar that has the ability to play different genres of music.

Made like the legendary Gibson Les Paul, the Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro brings the same level of musical prowess, but at a more affordable price. You will notice that this electric guitar has better specs than other Epiphone electric guitars of its league, making it practical and versatile while maintaining the same level of affordability.

When it comes to sound, this guitar also comes with the same vibrance as does a Gibson Les Paul, and it also boasts a beautiful fullness and warmth.

This characteristic makes it an ideal instrument to play multiple genres on, including rock and blues. Its sound is quite distinct and this is why you it is popular among people who play multiple styles of music, and you will notice that it delivers a good deal of prowess.

When it comes to build, this electric guitar features material that is both strong and durable, allowing you the comfort of knowing that you are going to enjoy having it for a long time.

The top board is made using maple wood, a hardwood that is not just durable but also beautiful. The back board, on the other hand, features mahogany, one of the hardiest and most beautiful woods on the planet right now. This characteristic also largely contributes to the great sound quality on this guitar.

You are also going to enjoy other unique features that include a Pau Fuerro fingerboard, a 3-way pickup selector toggle switch and a total of 22 frets.


  • Comes with great sound
  • Has many unique features
  • Made using beautiful and hardy material
  • Boasts 22 frets


  • Many guitarists find the neck a little too thin


If you would like to experience the fullness and beauty of a Gibson Les Paul but cannot be able to afford it, you can rest easy with the Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro which delivers an almost similar level of versatility and prowess while staying quite affordable.

If you, however, do not fancy a thin fingerboard, you may not be too comfortable on it.

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Fender – Player (Stratocaster) Electric GuitarHas a C-shaped neck profile

Another one by Fender, this guitar proves to be one of the most versatile and reliable electric guitars and its overall sound makes it an ideal instrument to play those hearty blues on.

Key features

  • Maple wood top
  • Single coil Stratocaster pickups
  • Modern C neck
  • 2 point tremolo bridge

Fender’s reputation where electric guitars are concerned is quite impressive and this is why there are several Fender guitars on our list.

Aside from being reliable, practical and sounding great, Feder guitars are known for their awesome builds and affordable prices, especially when compared to other high league guitars in the current market.

The Fender – Player (Stratocaster) Electric Guitar sets itself apart as an easy to use guitar that does not come with loads of complication.

It boasts exceptional sound, delivering rich bass that has an incredible balance as well as a mid-range that packs a breath taking punch.

When it comes to the highs, it bears a defined clarity and distinctive sound that is easy to identify and pick up, making it an ideal tool to use when playing those deep and soulful blues.

With a 22-fret neck that bears a C shape, you will find that this guitar is quite easy to play, especially where you have to hold it.

Fender went ahead and added a medium jumbo fret to the already existing 21 frets, and this added feature allows you the capacity to go on and express yourself as you desire.

When it comes to build, this guitar was given a body that is not just durable, but that also allows it to sound really good. Alder wood is known to produce incredible resonance that adds pronounced richness to the tone, making it sound full and sharp all at the same time.

Sound transmission is also made seamless and smooth by the 2 point tremolo bridge which is combined with bent steel saddles that work to deliver excellent tuning since friction is maintained at a bare minimal.


  • It is simple, versatile and easy to use
  • Has a modern C shaped neck
  • Delivers incredible sound
  • Alder wood enhances resonance ad richness of sound
  • Excellent tuning


  • It is just a tad expensive


With a Fender Stratocaster, whether Player or Vintera, you could never go wrong when you play those soulful blues. They are guitars that are quite easy to play and navigate, but they deliver sound that is exceptional and distinct, so that it is easy to identify on just about any record.

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Gibson Les Paul – Standard Electric GuitarHas a set in neck

If you are looking to up you game and are looking to put your hands on one of the finest and highly reliable electric guitars on the surface of the planet, this guitar is likely what you need to get.

Key features

  • Mahogany back board
  • Maple wood top board
  • Set-in neck joint
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • 22 frets

When it comes to the best sounding Blues guitars, there is a silent battle between Fender instruments and Les Paul, simply because both are incredible and they deliver different sounds that are as intriguing as they are diverse.

Where the Fender Stratocaster is a smooth and clear electric guitar, the Gibson Les Paul delivers more bassy and grounded sounds that almost sound like a growl.

It is built to not just sound good, but to also bear a good degree of durability and hardiness, thanks to the choice of wood.

The top board is made using maple wood which is an incredible wood that is strong and durable. It is also quite beautiful which is an added bonus. In addition, this wood is known to promote a good level of resonance, carrying the sound with its gutsiness and clarity to produce that distinct sound that comes with the Gibson Les Paul.

The back board is made using mahogany which, in the place of resonance, adds a beautiful depth to the sound of the guitar, allowing it to sound full and rounded in a beautiful way.

Even though this guitar has seen a couple improvements over the last several years, it is gladdening to know that the original look has been maintained and that its unique structural beauty still holds.


  • Has a beautiful build
  • It is quite versatile
  • Delivers exceptional sound
  • Great for multiple genres


  • This guitar is very expensive


Considered the Crème de la Crème, this guitar is easily one of the best for blues and, indeed, for any music really. It sounds gutsy and full, and is bound to give you quite a thrill.

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Buying a Guitar for Blues – What to look out for

Build Material

The type of wood used plays a huge role in the overall sound f a guitar, and it would be a prudent move to choose one that features wood that creates beautiful resonance while still maintaining an ideal degree of smoothness.


The general build and shape of a guitar largely affects the ease with which you are going to play it, and this is why it is imperative to pick a guitar that is ideal for your hands and overall physical build. Be certain that the weight is also ideal for you, especially if you are going to be playing long hours.


The truth is that there are electric guitars that could cost you an arm and both your legs, and there are other guitars that could otherwise be considered cheap that are quite good. Whatever your budget, go for a guitar that sounds good and that you find easy to play.


If you are looking to play those beautiful blues that have the tendency to spark emotion, you will be happy to get yourself an instrument from Fender or Gibson.

However, there are many brands out there that have the capacity to perform just as well, and before making a pick, be certain that it is the best one for you, and that it will do exactly what you need it to.


Where is the Fender Telecaster – 6 String Electric Guitar made?

This guitar is made in the USA.

Does the Fender – Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar come with a left hand version?

Yes, it does.

Does the Gibson Les Paul – Standard Electric Guitar come with gold-plated Potentiometers?

Yes, it does.

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