The Best Acoustic Guitars for Small Hands – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Did you actually know that the overall size and shape of a guitar largely affects the ease with which you play? If you have small hands, you might want to consider getting a smaller guitar that will fit your laps and hands for a better experience.

Nothing quite sets a guitarist back like a guitar that is hard to play, or a physically exhausting environment that hinders the way they play.

Often times, a huge guitar proves quite problematic, especially where it does not fit the laps, and when the hand cannot be able to go over the body to reach the strings properly.

If you have had this problem, it would surprise you to learn how much easier your experience actually would be if you had a smaller guitar.

There are smaller models that come with as much resonance as you would like, meaning that you do not have to worry about sound quality.

Here are a couple brands that are small and exceptional.

The Best Acoustic Guitars for Small Hands Comparison Table

Name of Brand
Guitar Type
Special Feature
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Martin X - LX Little Martin Acoustic Guitar
Made using a High Pressure Laminate spruce
Yamaha APXT2EW Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Has a figured executive wood top
Taylor BT2 - Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar
Small dreadnought
Has a layered sapele back
Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar
Modified dreadnought
Scalloped bracing
Ibanez Talman - TCY10 Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Talman double cutaway
Has a mahogany neck

The Best Acoustic Guitars for Small Hands Products Review

Martin X – LX Little Martin Acoustic GuitarFeatures high pressure laminate spruce

This guitar makes an ideal acquisition for people that have trouble wrapping their hands around the guitar’s neck since it has a small one that is easy to grasp as you play.

Key features

  • Has a dreadnought style
  • Top board is made using solid spruce
  • Has a Micarta fretboard
  • Body is made using mahogany

Whether you are a child, an adult, a beginner or a professional, the Martin X – LX Little Martin Acoustic Guitar sets itself apart as an incredible handy and convenient instrument that is not just easy to play, but that also comes with some incredible sounds.

Aside from its convenient size, it also combines some incredible sound enhancing features that make it an ideal instrument for live performances and for studio recordings.

For starters, this guitar comes with a dreadnought shape that is largely credited for allowing for sound fullness and brightness. This means that when you are playing a dreadnought guitar, the sound, along with sounding as natural as it should be, also comes out as vibrant and loud, while still maintaining softness and composure.

The sound quality is further supported by the materials used to make the guitar.

The top board is constructed using solid Sitka Spruce, a type of hardwood that is commonly used in the production of high end guitars.

What makes it very popular is the fact that spruce wood is known to create beautiful resonance and fullness of sound so that you have loads of clarity but also a good level of smoothness.

The other material, mahogany, is a great guitar material since it is ale to add depth into the sound produced.

The combination of resonance, clarity, smoothness and depth makes for beautiful sound that is well rounded, making such a guitar great for live and studio performances.

Aside from sounding good, the Martin X – LX Little Martin Acoustic Guitar comes as a hardy instrument since the material used is also quite hardy and can withstand extreme temperature and humidity changes – factors that contribute a good deal to the lifespan of wooden instruments.


  • Has a dreadnought shape
  • Comes with great resonance and clarity
  • Ideal for guitarists who have small hands
  • Hardy and long lasting


  • Steel strings may not be ideal for beginners


If you are a guitarist that needs a small guitar but are worried about how good the sound will be, go on and purchase this guitar. Its small size will see to it that you are able to play with as much ease and comfort as you need, and you will still be able to discover some serious sounds that are exceptional.

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Yamaha APXT2EW Acoustic-Electric GuitarHas a figured executive wood top

If you love to play using the Yamaha APX500III, you are going to enjoy yourself as much if you get this guitar since it is like a replica, but it is a smaller version.

Key features

  • Has a dreadnought shape
  • The top has a figured executive wood finish
  • Sides and back are made using Meranti
  • Bridge and fingerboard are made using rosewood

Yamaha has long been known to be a producer of world class guitars and other musical instrument, an even if you do not have a music background or major exposure to the same, it is almost certain that you have come across a Yamaha this or other.

That said, it is no wonder that they are credited for making guitars for all people – large and small, with regular hands and small hands, as well as guitars for left handed guitarists.

The Yamaha APXT2EW Acoustic-Electric Guitar is one of the smaller guitars from this company, and it does an incredible job in making certain that you enjoy your play as well as experience great sounds.

The top of this guitars is made using executive wood, and it is incredibly beautiful as it gives the guitar a sophisticated and modern look.

When it comes to the back and side panels, this guitar features Meranti wood which is known to be beautiful, especially die o its red hue and its grain that has an interlocking pattern. This wood is great for guitars since it helps you realize good sound quality whether indoors, outdoors or even in a recording studio.

Unlike regular guitars, you will notice that the top of the Yamaha APXT2EW Acoustic-Electric Guitar has a cutaway which gives it a more sophisticated and intriguing look.

What stands out the most abut it is the fact that it is a compact guitar that is ideal for smaller persons who are trying to increase their finesse in guitar playing. It can also be used by everyone, whether beginner or professional.


  • Has a dreadnought shape that fits laps and hand easily
  • It is a small instrument
  • Made using high quality material
  • It is a 2-in-1 acoustic and electric guitar


  • Some professional players find it a tad too simple


Even though it is a very simple guitar, this tool is incredible when it comes to superior sound production. It does an incredible job at creating good resonance as well as allowing guitarists with small hands to reach and play with loads of comfort.

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Taylor BT2 – Baby Taylor Acoustic GuitarHas a layered sapele back

With its layered sapele back and small dreadnought shape, this guitar works excellently to make certain that you are comfortable as you play and that you get good sound quality.

Key features

  • Has a mahogany top
  • Ideal for kids
  • Layered sapele back
  • Has an attractive look

Do you have a child who is looking to develop their skill in playing guitar and are wondering what the best brand to go for is? Well, the Taylor BT2 – Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar is one of your best bets.

It is an incredibly light guitar that comes with the perfect size, allowing for your children to be able to play wit as much ease and comfort as possible.

Unlike most guitar brands that have Sitka Spruce top, this particular guitar has a mahogany top which is absolutely incredible.

For starters, mahogany has the ability to create some good resonance while still maintaining an ideal level of softness.

Remember that your kids’ ears are a whole lot more sensitive and delicate, and so soft sounds are less harsh.

Secondly, mahogany is a hard wood, and it, therefore, allows a good deal of longevity so that it does not break easily in case of a fall.

The back of this guitar is made using sapele. Interestingly, sapele has almost identical characteristics with mahogany, presenting the same level of hardness and consistency.

You will also notice that they have a near similar color, making them look identical. The great thing about sapele is that it is a more environmentally friendly option when compared to mahogany which has now become quite overused.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about sapele’s likeness to mahogany is its ability to mimic the sounds produce by the former, offering an almost identical level of depth.

This way, this particular guitar is able to produce great sounds due to ideal support from both the top and back panels. It is also a beautiful guitar that will impress your kids.


  • Made using mahogany
  • Has great resonance
  • Has sapele which is hardy and has great sound features
  • It is a beautiful guitar


  • It is a bit expensive


When your kids are starting out on a new hobby or talent, or when they want to grow their skill in something, you definitely want them to have the best so they have great support.

With this guitar, you can be certain that your child will have an ideal instrument that will allow them to hone their skill and discover awesome sounds while at it.

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Seagull S6 Original Acoustic GuitarHas scalloped bracing

Scalloped bracing does not just cause your guitar to sound better, it also gives it a good deal of strength and allows it to last a good deal of time.

Key features

  • Has a modified dreadnought shape
  • Double action truss rod
  • Made with cedar and wild cherry wood
  • Has a tapered headstock

This is easily one of my favorite guitars, and I cannot even begin to tell you how incredible it is. For starters, I love just how small and compact is it, and its overall shape.

Its size makes it a great guitar for people who have small bodies, especially those that have trouble finding a guitar that fits their laps and hands easily.

This makes it great for playing while seated and while standing, delivering a good deal of comfort and ease of playing.

Another reason for its exceptional fit is its dreadnought shape. Dreadnought guitars are made in such a way that they actually fit the size and form of the laps when you are playing seated, and they also provide excellent hold for your elbow so that you can reach and navigate the strings quite easy.

They are also incredibly efficient when it comes to sound since they have the capacity to create beautiful resonance that permeates the scenery. This makes them great to use in indoor, outdoor and even studio settings.

One of this guitar’s main features is that it has a tapered headstock, and this is important for two main reasons.

The first one is that it keeps the strings constantly tight, a characteristic that eliminates the occurrence of fret buzz and that causes chord transmissions to remain smooth each time you are playing.

The second reason is that this characteristic makes changing your guitar an incredibly easy exercise as compared to regular guitars.

In addition, the Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar comes with a double truss rod. With this, you will hear the pitch of the music being carried a lot easier, and transitions also get conveniently smoother when changing keys.

You will notice that the tune is picked up right away so that the music is clear and vibrant at all times.


  • Has a modified dreadnought shape
  • Its double action truss rod is great for better pitch
  • Comes with a tapered headstock
  • It is a beautiful and elegant guitar


  • This guitar is a little pricey


When picking an instrument we are going to be spending a good deal of time with, sometimes the price is not a main concern. The Seagull S6 is easily one of the best acoustic guitars there is, and even though it is a bit expensive, you are going to enjoy having it for its performance and also for its beauty.

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Ibanez Talman – TCY10 Acoustic-Electric GuitarComes with a mahogany neck

This guitar has a beautiful sophisticated look, and I love that it has a nice cutaway at the top that makes it quite fancy and eye catching.

Key features

  • Has a talman double cutaway shape
  • Is a 2-in-1 acoustic-electric guitar
  • Has a mahogany back and sides
  • Has a spruce top

When it comes to design, the Ibanez Talman – TCY10 Acoustic-Electric Guitar goes against all rules that most others follow.

Looking at it, you will get a more electric guitar vibe, and the good thing is that it is actually a 2-in-1 acoustic and electric guitar.

Looking at its depth, you will also notice that it has a trimmer profile, especially since the side panels are not as thick as those of regular acoustic guitars.

This trim profile makes it an incredibly convenient device since there isn’t much need for you to reach over too far to reach the guitar strings.

The double cutaway makes this guitar look a lot more sophisticated, and it is ideal for people that have a preference for fancier looking instruments.

I like a guitar that has a spruce top, largely because this type of wood is incredibly good for sound.

Spruce has the ability to support great resonance, making the guitar produce sound that it vibrant and bright, but with a good amount of softness. In addition, spruce is quite hardy, allowing the guitar a good amount of longevity so that you do not have to worry about quick damage.

With the back and side boards featuring mahogany, the sound produced by this guitar is given a beautiful depth, making it sound fuller and more rounded than others.

Finally, it has a unique headstock that completes the fancy look on this guitar.


  • Has a beautiful distinctive look
  • Has a trim build
  • It is a 2-in-1 acoustic-electric guitar
  • Has a spruce top and mahogany build


  • The sound is not clear when it is not plugged in


If you are looking for a fancy look and feel but maintain the ability to play acoustic sounds, this is the guitar for you. It also has a trim profile and an easy to navigate body that makes it easy for just anyone to play.

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Buying the Best Acoustic Guitar for Small Hands – What to look out for

Guitar shape

When looking for a guitar for hands and body that are smaller than average, make certain that you select he right guitar shape since some, such as jumbo guitars, are extremely large and impractical for small hands.

Fretboard thickness

Go for a guitar that has a trimmer fretboard so that you do not have to stress or strain your hand when trying to hold the strings. A thick fretboard could easily cause your hand to fatigue when you play for too long.

Body thickness

A couple guitars come with thick bodies that make it hard to wrap your hand around, and this is why it is better to get a guitar that has a slender body profile but that still offers good support to the elbow.


Your prowess as a guitar player does not just ride on your skill, but also on your general comfort whenever you play. The truth is that body sizes vary a good deal, and this is why it is important to find an instrument that fits your physique and particularly your hands with ease.

With the right guitar, you can be certain that you will not experience fatigue or discomfort, enabling you to learn fast and to develop your skill without much discomfort.


What is the depth of the Martin X – LX Little Martin Acoustic Guitar?

It has a depth of 2.75 inches.

Does the Yamaha APXT2EW Acoustic-Electric Guitar have a spruce top version?

Yes, it does.

What type of strings does the Ibanez Talman – TCY10 Acoustic-Electric Guitar have?

This guitar has steel strings.

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