The Best Acoustic Guitars – A detailed Buying Guide

Guitars have a way of sounding lovely, and when you have the right one, the sound gets heavenly. So, which guitars are the best for great music, and what should you look for when purchasing one? Below is a detailed guide.

I will tell you this for certain; nothing quite does it for me like an acoustic guitar. Sure, electric guitars have their beauty and power, but an acoustic guitar is almost the soul of a song, and I could never be without one.

In my many years of playing, I have come across a myriad of brands that deliver different sound qualities as well as user interactions. Some have been overly expensive while others stay quite affordable.

This article features instruments on both ends of the spectrum that are easy to use and that are incredibly versatile and practical. Here is a breakdown.

The Best Acoustic Guitars Comparison Table

Name of Guitar
Special Feature
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Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Phosphor Bronze strings
Taylor K14ce Builder - S Edition
Grand auditorium
Made using Koa wood
Art and Lutherie - Roadhouse Parlor (Acoustic-Electric) Guitar
Made using maple wood and spruce
Fender CC-60S - Acoustic Guitar
Conveniently affordable
YAMAHA FS800 - Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar
Adjustable truss rod

The Best Acoustic Guitars – Products Review

Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic GuitarComes with Phosphor Bronze strings

With a unique dreadnought shape and incredible sound quality, this guitar stands as one of the best, not to mention that it is a really beautiful instrument.

Key features

  • Dreadnought
  • Made using solid mahogany
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Has Phosphor Bronze strings

When it comes to the production of high quality guitars, C.F. Matin and Co. has been in the frontline to deliver exceptional instruments for beginners, armatures and professionals for close to 200 years.

The Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is easily one of their best, and it does not disappoint one bit.

This guitar features a dreadnought shape which is an incredible characteristic.

Dreadnoughts are known for their incredible resonance which makes the sound of the guitar fill a room with ease. They produce lower notes better, and they are incredible for rhythm.

They are known to sit well on the lap, and a good number of people find that they are very comfortable playing them.

Seeing as the Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is made entirely of mahogany, it is no wonder that the sound it produces is quite bold and full, but the impressive thing is that it is able to remain soft and quite warm to the ear.

This characteristic is also backed by the voicing standard set by C.F. Martin and Co. which allows for great low-end response as well as proper volume.

As expected, a mahogany instrument is bound to be quite hardy, ad you will find that this guitar fits right at home in indoor spaces as well as outdoor spaces where temperatures and levels of humidity vary constantly.

This particular model is called the ‘re-imagination’ since it is a recreation and improvement of the original D-28 which was first made even before WWII. It has been a popular instrument and was used by such people as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

When it comes to size, it is quite convenient for all persons, even though smaller bodied individuals may prefer something somewhat smaller and easier to wrap their arm around.


  • Its body is all mahogany
  • Features a dreadnought style
  • It is loud and soft at the same time
  • Great for lower-end registers
  • Great for beginners and professionals alike


  • This instrument is pretty expensive


With almost 200 years’ experience in the guitar production business, the producers of this guitar, C.F. Martin and Co. pride themselves in perfecting the art and coming up with practical and incredible instruments.

The Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar makes a great acquisition for both beginners and professionals, allowing them to discover their skill with as much support as possible.

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Taylor K14ce Builder – S EditionMade using Koa wood

This guitar is world class, and everything about it is exceptionally good, making it one of the best and most efficient acoustic-electric instruments globally today.

Key features

  • Grand auditorium style
  • Acoustic-electric guitar
  • Made using Koa wood
  • V-class bracing
  • Genre-hopping sound

The Taylor K14ce Builder – S Edition is an incredibly special guitar that features some of the best characteristics which include an innovative and unique build that sets it apart from other brands with ease.

For starters, it is made using the Grand Auditorium style, making it an instrument that produces high quality sounds that resonate far and wide to deliver high quality notes wherever it is played.

Made using the beautiful and durable Koa wood that is native to Hawaii, this guitar boasts one of the most durable and strong builds.

When the guitar is new, you will notice that it produces sounds that are somewhat bright, and this is largely because of the Koa wood. It is most ideal for making the top board, and when used here, it produces more solid tones, especially on the higher ends.

However, when used on the back and sides, it produces sounds that are very much like those produced by mahogany.

This guitar is also versatile, and it works as both an acoustic and an electric guitar.

Since it has a grand auditorium style, it proves quite all-rounded since it can be used across multiple genres, producing the same amount and level of sound quality without compromise. It is also quite loud, producing an incredible amount of resonance for listeners.

Aside from being an incredibly hardy and durable guitar, the Taylor K14ce Builder – S Edition is made to deliver a high level of comfort to the users, boasting a high position access, and a brilliantly defined body that allows for easy reach.

It also fits the laps quite well, allowing for small bodied and larger people to play with loads of comfort.


  • Great for all genres
  • Made using Koa wood which is great for sound and is durable
  • It is an acoustic-electric guitar
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used by small and big people as well


  • This guitar will cost you an arm and both legs


We admit, this guitar is very expensive. Heck, it is the most expensive item in this article, but it is an incredible instrument that cuts across genres and stops at nothing to deliver nothing but the best.

Since it can be used as both an acoustic and electric guitar, it proves itself to be a versatile and clever musical tool that will deliver great music all the time.

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Art and Lutherie – Roadhouse Parlor (Acoustic-Electric) GuitarIts body is made using maple wood and spruce

Many good guitars are made using spruce wood, and it is because it is quite hardy, and it also produces beautiful sound and incredible resonance when played.

Key features

  • Made with maple and spruce woods
  • Parlor sized
  • 20 frets
  • Acoustic-electric
  • Rosewood fingerboard

The Art and Lutherie – Roadhouse Parlor (Acoustic-Electric) Guitar is an incredibly simple instrument that it quite versatile and incredibly easy to use.

You may have noticed that a lot of guitar tops are made suing spruce wood, and this guitar is not left behind in this regard. Source is known to facilitate good resonance and rich tones, especially when used to make the top board of the guitar.

With its parlor size and style, this guitar comes with loads of comfort, allowing it to fit really well on the laps while allowing for easy reach so you can pluck at the strings with ease and comfort.

Parlor-sized guitars are largely preferred by ladies, and it is largely because of the comfort that comes with them.

Since this guitar is both an acoustic and electric instrument, it can be plugged into an amplifier to produce incredible sound even for massive spaces. What I like most about it is its earthiness, especially where the lower notes are concerned.

When playing country box and blues, it delivers a good deal of clarity and strength.

You will notice that it has something of a vintage look, and it may give you a bit of nostalgia, especially if you are from the deep south where music is played in the over of dark next to a massive bonfire as you roast marsh mellows.


  • Comes with exceptional sound quality
  • Has a parlor size and style that makes it quite easy to use
  • Has a beautiful vintage look
  • Works as both an acoustic and electric guitar
  • Ha great resonance


  • Its price is considerably high


If you like to switch between acoustic and electric sounds from time to time, you will be pretty happy with this guitar. It is a beautiful instrument that boasts good versatility and even better sound quality.

Whether beginner or seasoned player, this guitar will have you jamming to some good sounds, especially with how easy it is to actually use it.

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Fender CC-60S – Acoustic GuitarThis guitar is beautiful and conveniently affordable

Fender has long been known to produce instruments that are exceptionally good, and the Fender CC-60S does not fall short of expectations.

Key features

  • Concert style
  • Made using solid spruce
  • Back and sides made using mahogany
  • Rolled edges on neck
  • Walnut bridge

Known for making world class electric guitars and amplifiers, fender have crated a name for themselves in the music industry as far as good quality goes.

Recently, however, they have thrown their weight into the acoustic guitar ring, and they are here to impress. What is most impressive is that they have managed to remain quite affordable for beginners and professionals alike.

The Fender CC-60S – Acoustic Guitar is a concert style instrument that features an exceptional build. The top board is made using Spruce wood which has been credited for delivering incredible resonance and beautiful softness at the same time.

The back and side panels, on the other hand, are made using mahogany which is known to be ideal for note depth and vibrance, giving a holistic sound quality for listeners.

Seeing as it has a concert body, this instrument proves ideal for persons that are smaller bodied, and it has been said to sit in the laps quite well while providing easy reach when strumming.

Since it comes with a neck strap, it also proves ideal for beginners who are younger as well as professionals that like good stability.

You will be surprised at how affordable the Fender CC-60S – Acoustic Guitar is, especially when you put into consideration all its specs and build quality. We also really like the gloss finish that makes it look quite good.


  • Small and easy to play
  • Made using spruce and mahogany
  • Provides great resonance and tone depth
  • Its neck has rolled edges


  • Not ideal for playing lower-end notes


The Fender CC-60 – Acoustic Guitar produces sounds that are incredible, and it proves ideal for beginners and professionals alike, especially considering its size and comfort.

We love that it is quite affordable, meaning that you do not have to break the bank for a good quality instrument.

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YAMAHA FS800 – Small Body Solid Top Acoustic GuitarComes with an adjustable truss rod

This guitar combines affordability and incredible sound to stand out as one of the most practical and easy to use instruments for both beginners and professionals.

Key features

  • Concert body shape
  • Solid spruce top
  • Nato and Okume sides and back
  • Rosewood bridge
  • Slim tapered neck profile

Yamaha is one of the most respected and recognized manufacturers of all sorts of musical instruments, and even though they have quite a selection where guitar types are concerned.

Of all the instruments we could choose from, the YAMAHA FS800 – Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar stood out as the most versatile and easy to use guitars.

This guitar comes in two different hopes which are the dreadnought and concert, but the concert proves a lot more versatile than the dreadnought, especially since it is a smaller and more comfortable for most people.

Its curves allow it to fit really well on the laps while it provides great support for the elbow, allowing for easy playing.

The top board is constructed using spruce wood which is known for producing incredible sound that comes with a good deal of resonance.

This allows it to be able to deliver loud sounds, but since it has an incredible build, it is able to keep them soft and smooth. Spruce is also quite durable, allowing the guitar a good deal of durability.

It also makes the guitar ideal for using in outdoor settings where such parameters as humidity and temperature may reach extremes.

With Nato and Kume woods used to make the back and side panels, this guitar comes with a lot of strength and durability as well.

Most impressive, however, is the fact that it comes with an adjustable truss rod that proves important since it allows you to increase or decrease the distance between the strings and frets so that you can play better and easier.

It also features a slim tapered neck that makes it quite easy to play.


  • Small and easy to use
  • Produces incredible resonance
  • Has a slim tapered neck
  • Strong and durable


  • May need a string upgrade for better sound quality


With a small stature and incredible sound quality, the YAMAHA FS – 800 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar comes as an easy to use and incredibly convenient instrument.

It is also incredibly affordable, especially considering its specification and general mode of build.

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Buying an ideal Acoustic Guitar – What to look out for

Guitar Size

There are many different sizes of guitar, and while the sound quality may not particularly be affected by this, the ease of playing ad the experience that comes with it may largely be altered, especially if it is too large or small for you.

Type of wood

Different types of wood produce varying sound qualities, with spruce wood delivering the best resonance and quality of tone. Bear in mind, though, that good quality wood guitars may cost you a little more than others.

Nut width

Different musicians prefer varying nut widths which is the space between strings, and you need to be certain what you are going to be comfortable with.


A lot of factors go into the creation and development of an acoustic guitar, but the bottom line is that they are some of the best musical instruments on the earth at the moment.

To find a good acoustic guitar, you must do extensive research, and this is why we have made a compilation for you. Make your choice based on the sounds you would like to produce, and how comfortable you are playing your guitar of choice.

Finally, if you are buying one for the long haul, go for a guitar that will be able to last a good deal of time.


Does the Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar come with a bag?

Yes, it comes with a hard shell case.

Is a dreadnought guitar ideal for a beginner?

Yes, it is an ideal guitar for a beginner.

Does the Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar have warranty?

Yes, it comes with warranty.

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