The Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners – A Detailed Buying Guide

Are you looking to learn and develop a skill in guitar playing? You need to find an ideal guitar for a beginner; one that will make learning a little easier, smoother and fun!

Getting your first guitar is no mean feat. For most people, it marks an incredibly important time – the beginning of a musical journey and discovery.

The truth is that you are likely to spend a good chunk of your life with it, largely because of the attachment and sentimental value that comes with it.

For this, and many other reasons, it is important that you get a guitar that is easy enough to use and navigate, but that is durable and strong, especially if you intend to eventually use it in an outdoors setting.

So, where to start? Right here. Below is a list and review of some of the best acoustic guitars for beginners and budding players.

The Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners – Comparison Table

Guitar Name
Special Feature
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Fender FA-100 - Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Excellent for all music styles
YAMAHA - FS800 - Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar
Adjustable truss rod
Epiphone Acoustic Guitar - DR-100
SlimTaper neck profile
Maestro by Gibson - Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar
Made using Kauri wood
Donner DAG-1C (Beginner) Acoustic Guitar – 41”
Made using Spruce wood

The Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners – Products Review

Fender FA-100 – Dreadnought Acoustic GuitarExcellent for all types of music

If you are looking to explore different types and styles of music, this acoustic guitar is the right instrument for you.

Key features

  • Full sized dreadnought
  • Made using Spruce and Agathis wood
  • 20-fret fingerboard that has dot inlays
  • Chrome hardware

There are several types of acoustic guitars, and the most distinguishing characteristic is their shape and the sound they produce.

Looking at the above list, you are going to notice that most guitars are Dreadnoughts, and this is for a reason.

This type of guitar is one of the most holistic as far as ease of use and quality of sound is concerned.

They are known to produce louder sound than most others, but they are able to maintain a beautiful level of softness, making them really popular.

With a Dreadnought build, the Fender FA-100 – Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar comes as an incredible instrument that performs exceptionally well, both for beginners and for professionals.

It comes with a full length of 41 inches and it is able to produce an incredibly vibrant sound that is also quite soft. With a full dreadnought shape combined with its size, it comes as a considerably sized instrument, making it a bit too large for smaller persons.

The entire body features three types of high quality wood, with the top being made from Spruce Wood.

The main body is made using a combination of Spruce and Agathis wood, while the back is constructed using Agathis wood. When it comes to the kind of tone you receive on this guitar, you are assured of smoothness and a pure tone since it has a compensated Bone Saddle.

With a Rose wood bridge, sound transfer is as easy and as smooth as can be, and it neck, which features a C-shape, fits quite well, making it very easy to play.

While many a good musical instrument comes with a prohibitive price, the Fender FA-100 – Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar comes as a conveniently priced instrument, meaning that you do not have to worry about spending a ton of money.


  • It is a dreadnought guitar
  • Made using high quality material
  • The Rosewood makes sound transfer quite easy
  • Can be used by professionals and beginners alike
  • Has a compensated Bone Saddle


  • Its strings are made of steel which is not at times recommended for beginners


If you are looking to start off your career with an affordable but excellent guitar, look no further. The Fender FA-100 – Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is an incredibly high quality device that is also highly affordable, and even though it has steel strings, it proves quite easy to use.

Fender, as a company, is known to produce exceptional quality, and this particular model does not fall short of expectation.

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YAMAHA – FS800 – Small Body Solid Top Acoustic GuitarComes with an adjustable truss rod

This guitar is actually quite small, but it proves to be quite efficient where sound and ease of use are involved.

Key features

  • Concert guitar
  • Small body
  • Top is made using Spruce wood
  • Bridge and fingerboard are made using Rosewood

With more than half a century of experience in musical instrument manufacture, Yamaha has proven to be an incredibly thorough manufacturer, making certain to deliver great quality.

The Yamaha – FS800 – Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar features and incredible build, and engineers actually developed a new type of bracing called the scalloped bracing which works to deliver sound that is more natural and smoother as well as maintain the integrity of the guitar’s top board, leading to longer lifespan.

This particular model comes in two shapes; the Dreadnought and the Concert. While both are quite efficient and easy to use, we chose the Classical shape for two reasons.

The first is that it is interestingly small, making it ideal for persons who have smaller bodies, while the second is that it boasts a good deal of sound, even with its small size.

Its top board is made using Spruce wood which is quite hardy, and that promotes the production and transfer of smooth sound, as well as offering a considerable amount of sound projection so that it can be heard even in expansive outdoor spaces.

The back is made using Nato wood while the guitar’s body features mahogany, making it a beautiful and hardy device all at once.

One of this guitar’s most interesting features is that it comes with an adjustable truss rod which allows you to be able to either increase or increase the space between the frets and strings for more convenient and easier playing.


  • It is conveniently small
  • Made using high quality material
  • Comes with scalloped bracing
  • Great for high quality sound
  • Has an adjustable truss rod


  • You have to stretch the strings after purchase


The Yamaha – FS800 – Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar is a superior instrument that features an incredibly ingenuous build, especially with its scalloped bracing.

Its small size makes it a great acquisition for persons uncomfortable with larger instruments, especially persons who have smaller bodies. You however, need to do the stretching on your own which is likely a one time thing.

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Epiphone Acoustic Guitar – DR-100Features a slim taper neck profile

Easily one of my favorite guitars, this instrument comes as an easy to play device that also delivers a beautiful sound profile that will leave you and your audience quite happy.

Key features

  • Dreadnought shape
  • Has a Spruce top
  • Has a mahogany body
  • Slim taper neck profile

When it comes to sound boldness, the Epiphone Acoustic Guitar – DR-100 sets itself apart as an incredibly reliable tool that works to help beginners learn fast and easy.

I like how simple yet sophisticated it looks, and I find that it stands out without particularly calling for attention.

The top board is made using Spruce wood which is a hardy type of wood.

This will give you a good deal of durability, as well as allow for the transmission of high quality natural sound, allowing your musical ear to pick keen detail that you otherwise would have missed with other instruments.

This characteristic, combined with its dreadnought shape, makes it a great instrument for those big yet smooth sounds.

Aside from this, the body is constructed using mahogany, one of the best quality hard woods in the world currently.

This means that your guitar will be able to handle a good deal of stress, even where you will have to use it a good number of times in the outdoors.

A characteristic that stands out the most about this guitar is that it has a tightened headstock.

When purchasing a guitar, this is one of the features we often overlook, largely because there is a perception that the headstock does not contribute much to the quality of play and even sound produced.

The truth is that this guitar’s headstock’s 14° angle allows for the strings to be tighter which improves the overall tone of play. In addition, it allows for beginners to experience smoother chord transitions, allowing for faster and easier learning.


  • Made using spruce and mahogany
  • Looks quite good
  • Comes with a good headstock angle
  • Allows for smoother chord transitions
  • Shape makes it an easy to hold and play


When buying a high performance instrument, those small details are incredibly important as they can mean a world of difference when you are using it.

This is why the Epiphone Acoustic Guitar – DR-100 sets itself apart due to its 14° headstock angle which allows for great tone and easy chord transition.

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Maestro by Gibson – Parlor Size Acoustic GuitarMade using Kauri wood

This guitar is a full body 41” instrument that has a dreadnought shape, making it great for long term use, and for persons who have larger bodies.

Key features

  • Has a length of 41”
  • Dreadnought shape
  • Features Kauri wood in its construction
  • Chrome hardware

Here is the thing, it is not remotely possible for you to go wrong with a full dreadnought shape.

This type of guitar is incredibly easy to use, fits the laps and arms like a glove, and most importantly, delivers bold and beautiful notes for massive expanses without straining one bit.

The Maestro by Gibson – Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar is easily one of my favorite and most recommended guitars. It delivers great excellence and is suitable for beginners, armatures and professionals as well.

Seeing as it is a 41” instrument, it proves quite efficient for persons who are larger. It is great for producing bold notes, making it ideal for using even in outdoor spaces where you are without a speaker.

One of the Maestro by Gibson – Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar’s most iconic features is that it is made using a mix of Kauri wood and Spruce wood.

Kauri is a beautiful softwood that is native to New Zealand, and the reason it makes great material for guitars is that it is able to deliver sound that is considerably louder than that produced by mahogany, but it is also incredibly soft.

In addition, you will not detect any hum to the sound as the resonance is exceptional, delivering great clarity and smoothness.

With a Spruce wood top, this guitar stands as a strong and durable instrument that can be used for a good deal of time without losing its integrity easily.


  • Made using Kauri wood
  • Delivers great sound that is loud but smooth
  • Has a convenient dreadnought shape
  • Ideal for lengthy use
  • Ideal for larger persons


  • The strings are made of steel which some beginners find hard to use


If you are looking to purchase a guitar that will be great for learning and for long time use, the Maestro by Gibson – Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar is definitely your best bet.

However, in case you feel that steel strings may be a little too hard for you to use, you can go on and get a guitar with nylon strings, then get this brand once you are confident enough.

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Donner DAG-1C (Beginner) Acoustic Guitar – 41”Features strong Spruce wood

This guitar has a unique cut away style that makes it look quite interesting and quite beautiful, making it ideal for persons who want to stand out.

Key features

  • Full 41” body
  • Full dreadnought shape
  • Cutaway top
  • 20 brass frets
  • Spruce and mahogany construction

With a full size 41 inch body and a full dreadnought shape, the Donner DAG-1C (Beginner) Acoustic Guitar – 41” stands out as one of the best and most practical guitars for beginners.

It has an incredibly unique shape, featuring a cutaway top that gives it a unique edge which makes the guitar ideal for persons who like to stand out.

The full 41 inches of length make it a great acquisition for people who have larger bodies and who have a preference for larger guitars. Since it has a full dreadnought shape, this guitar is bound to deliver exceptional notes with incredible depth and volume.

In addition to the shape, this guitar is constructed using a combination of spruce wood and mahogany which work together to deliver bright and rich sounds with each chord.

Even though it is a 41 inch full dreadnought design, it is quite compact and does not come with a lot of bulk, and this makes it ideal even for smaller people who fancy themselves a larger guitar.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that its strings are made of steel which may be quite uncomfortable in the beginning, but quite easy to use once you catch on.

The Donner DAG-1C (Beginner) Acoustic Guitar – 41” is an incredibly convenient instrument for beginners, but it also makes a great buy for persons who see themselves playing for a long time.


  • Has a unique cutaway shape
  • Has a full dreadnought shape
  • It is not bulky
  • Great for beginners
  • Made using a combination of spruce and mahogany


  • The strings are made of steel which makes it difficult for some beginners to use


If you are looking to stay in the guitar circles for a long time, this guitar is going to be an ideal choice for you. It features an incredibly unique and strong build, and it capitalizes on delivering high quality sound.

On top of this, it is quite affordable, making it great for the long haul.

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Buying an Acoustic Guitar for a Beginner – What you need to consider

Here is what you need to keep an eye out for when buying a guitar for a beginner.

Guitar Shape

There are dreadnought, jumbo, parlor, auditorium and small body guitars.

All of these have different characteristics, making them ideal for different people. The most important thing to know is your body size and the ease with which you can reach strings when you are playing.

Guitar type

There are several types of guitar which are the acoustic, electric and classical guitars. Acoustic guitars are the most ideal for beginners since they are easier to use and produce better sound. When this is mastered, you can then graduate into the other two.

Type of Strings

Guitars come with two string types, mainly nylon and steel. For beginners, nylon strings are recommended since they are easier to navigate and allow for faster learning.


Music is said to be the food to the soul, and a good guitar can help you make incredibly awesome music.

However, since beginning is not always easy, it is imperative that you find a guitar that will be more like a companion than an instrument you need to learn. Put into consideration the shape, type and material of strings before making a final purchase.

While it takes a lot of hard work and commitment, the experience is incredibly rewarding.


Does the Maestro by Gibson – Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar come with an adjustable truss rod?

Yes, it does.

How wide is the Maestro by Gibson – Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar’s nut?

It measures an inch and a half.

Is the Epiphone Acoustic Guitar – DR-100’s truss rod accessible via the head?

No, this guitar’s truss rod has to be accessed via the body.

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