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Are you trying to find the best guitar for your music gear or are you trying to upgrade your previously owned guitar and you don’t know which one suits best? Well, you have come to the right place. In this review, we have narrowed down your options to the Taylor T5Z guitar designed to accommodate all your music needs. Let us take a look at its top features and evaluate its performance.

Finding the best guitar for your music gear becomes a daunting task when you have to choose among the variety that exists in the market. It gets even more confusing when you do not know what exactly to look for. Among a few good quality and high performing guitars that you can consider for your music escapades is the Taylor T5Z which is optimized with unique features to enhance your guitar playing experience. The real question becomes whether it indeed is a great addition to your guitar.

Before we begin, it would be important to understand the factors that you would need to consider when purchasing a guitar for your music gear. Generally, among these factors, you would need to consider your music entry level, the number of strings on the guitar, the overall length of the guitar and the neck width. The music entry level matters the most because beginner levels demand less complex guitars while more professional levels need more advanced musical instruments.

When it comes to the number of strings, you have the option to pick between 6-string, 8-string, 12, string and 9-string acoustic guitars depending on your musical and sound requirements. The scale-length and comprehensive length of the guitar, on the other hand, should at least sit right with your fingers and hand so that you can always be comfortable when playing. In addition to that, the neck width of your acoustic guitar ensures comfort and ease when playing. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

What to expect from the Taylor T5Z

The Taylor T5Z hybrid acoustic guitar has a durable build quality and is made to last from the beginning of your guitar journey to the most advanced levels and experiences of your music journey. It features a mahogany top and a Sapele heel neck. It has an aesthetically pleasing satin finish towards the sides and back while its headstock overlay, fretboard and bridge pins are made from a durable Ebony wood designed to last you a lifetime. In addition to that, it has a very simple and elegant inlay pattern that is quite eye catching and its top has two sound holes designed to improve its resonance.

A great bonus to purchasing the Taylor T5Z is its thin and unique neck which accommodates both novice and experienced guitarists with small and big hands alike. Its fingerboard is comprised of twenty one evenly leveled frets with a 24.87 inch scale which maintains a balance between standard string tensions and flexible playability that allows you to strum and achieve delightful and refined acoustic tones.

Its performance and playability is improved through the use of its Venetian cutaway that allows you to have a much easier time playing on the top frets. Also, you should note that you can play the Taylor T5Z when it is either plugged in or unplugged and it is fitted with a 5 way switch that provides you with a wide array of tones that you can choose from depending on your personal preference. The first switch position produces a natural acoustic sound, the second and third produce higher sounds, the fourth gives you a clearer tone and the fifth gives you a heavier sound. To add on that, you are free to use the Taylor T5Z hybrid acoustic guitar sounds with an amp when you want to project louder sound. This comes in handy when you are heavily invested in stage performances.

All in all, with the Taylor T5Z hybrid acoustic guitar, you should expect an incredible balance between quality and performance.

What are the key features?

The Taylor T5Z hybrid acoustic-electric guitar has multiple highly developed and unique features designed to meet all your music needs and ensure that you are able to enjoy a seamless and immersive guitar experience. Among a few main features that could have you consider its purchase are;

Outstanding Sound Performance

The T5Z features three pickups: a stacked bridge humbucker that is more or less a twin blade pickup, an acoustic body sensor mounted to the top part and a concealed acoustic neck humbucker. In addition to that, it has a five-position pick up selector towards its side that allows you to select from a wide array of pick up settings including bridge-only, body sensor/neck, neck/bridge-series, neck/ridge-parallel and neck-only settings. All the pickup settings give you a variety of tones that you can enjoy thus making it versatile enough for all your musical adventures.

When unplugged, you would achieve a punchy and resonant sound that seems to sound like jazz. When you plug it in, you are able to acquire refined electric tones. In addition to that, it sounds more delightful when you plug it into an amp as you are able to access clearer acoustic tones and more authentic electric tones.

Incredible design and structure

The Taylor T5Z comes in a variety of designs that you can choose from. Each of them are made from different materials and they are available in tobacco sunburst, pacific blue, black and Borrego red finishes. Its flame maple top would be the best decision for your music gear if you are more inclined to electric tones while the rest seem to blend into acoustic tones. Towards the top, you will find a pair of sound holes that are segmented to deliver umpteenth resonance from the hollowed back.

Easy Playability

The Sapele neck that is attached to the body of the Taylor uses a single bolt and it delivers a comfortably and solid feel when you are playing. Its 21-fret neck crafted from Ebony and its 24.87 inch scale work seamlessly together to provide a unique balance between electric guitar comfort and the right tension needed for delightful, bright and lovely acoustic tones.

Durability and Reliability

The Taylor T5Z hybrid electric acoustic guitar has been crafted and manufactured from high quality and durable Ebony wood designed to last you a lifetime. Its polyester finish is scratch and moisture resistant to add on to its durability. In addition to that, it comes with a hard shell case that you can store your guitar in and protect it from physical damage and climate changes such as temperature and humidity. All in all, we can establish that the durability levels of the Taylor T5Z make it reliable enough for all your musical sessions.


  • Comes with a Taylor T5Z hard-shell case that you can store your guitar in
  • Delightful tonal range that makes it versatile enough for all your musical activities
  • Durable build quality and luxurious design
  • Accommodates both left-handed and right handed guitar players
  • Exceptional sound performance levels
  • Gives you a chance to customize your guitar based on your personal preferences


  • Thin neck that may need some time to adjust to especially if you are an acoustic player
  • Quite pricey


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Final Word

Whether you are a novice or experienced guitarist, the Taylor T5Z has certainly been designed to accommodate all your music needs. If you are trying to strike a balance between playability, comfort and exceptional sound performance, then you would be impressed with the overall build quality and structure of the Taylor T5Z hybrid electric acoustic guitar. In as much as it looks more like an acoustic guitar, it is designed to serve as a high performing guitar and accommodate acoustic tones as well.

Generally, it is a lightweight guitar which is very comfortable to play and portable enough for gig performances. Also, it is perfect for almost all music genres except metal. In addition to that, it is well-built, is quite eye catching and its five-way switch gives you a chance to explore multiple tonal options. All in all, the Taylor T5Z is an absolute value for the buck and a great addition to your music gear.


To get electrical sounds with my Taylor T5Z, do I need an amp and pedal or does it just directly plug into PA?

The Taylor T5Z works like any other electric guitar. If you would like an amped sound then you can use an amp with or without effect pedals. You can also go through a PA to get a more refined acoustic sound. You can try using the Zoom A3 to get more acoustic sounds through a PA and experiment with the different pick up settings or directly plug in an amp for delightful electric sounds.

What strings do I need to buy for the Taylor T5Z hybrid acoustic guitar?

You would need to use electric guitar strings made from nickel or steel. When replacing its strings, ensure to avoid using nylon strings.

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