Taylor big baby vs Seagull S6 – Best starter guitar

Learning how to play an acoustic guitar should be fun. All you want to do is project your potential by focusing on the sound. The guitar has to be beginner-friendly.

Getting a guitar with beginner-friendly features makes it more comfortable to play the guitar whether in front of an audience or on your couch. The Taylor Big and Seagull are among the modern acoustic guitars you can choose when learning how to play the guitar.

What are the key differences between Taylor big baby and Seagull S6 guitars?


Taylor Big Baby

Seagull S6

Sitka Spruce
Solid cedar
Back and sides
Scale length
25.5 inches
24.84 inches
Nut width
1 11/16 inches
1.8 inches
Body shape
Clear and lighter


Both the Taylor big baby vs Seagull S6 guitars come with the traditional western style body shape and a slight difference in scale length.

The difference comes in the tonewood used for their respective tops, sides, and back.

Taylor big baby uses Sitka Spruce for its top and Sapele for its back and sides while Seagull S6 uses Solid cedar for the top and Rosewood for the back and sides. The Seagull is slim, has a silver leaf maple neck, and is robust when you handle it.

The Seagull also uses a snake-hipped headstock. The big baby’s depth size makes it easier to carry around. The Taylor Big Baby is smaller than other dreadnoughts which makes it a good travel guitar.

Taylor Big Baby has a beginner-friendly design than the Seagull S6.


Due to the different tonewood used for these guitars’ top, back and sides, these guitars produce different tones.

The Taylor Big Baby’s Sitka Spruce top gives the most of the sound since the sides and back don’t vibrate as much, producing a clear and lighter sound which makes it good for fingerpicking while the Seagull S6 cedar produces a warmer sound.

The Big Baby sounds much bigger and favors treble compared to the Seagull S6 that is a little mellow. The cedar tonewood can deliver better sound faster with less playing.

Seagull S6 has a better sound than Taylor Big Baby.


The Seagull S6 has a lot of space between the strings and despite the neck being wider than the standard size, you’ll find it easy and comfortable to play it.

The nut and saddle make playability and sound better. This guitar has a balanced string action as it’s neither too low for a clean tone, nor too hard to press which makes it an ideal guitar for learning.

The double action truss rod makes it easy to fine-tune it.

You get more harmonics from the strings resting on a Tusq nut.

The Taylor big baby body size of 15 inches makes it an inch smaller than other dreadnought guitars which make it more comfortable to hold on your lap and play.

Taylor Big Baby is easier to play than Seagull S6.

Taylor big baby vs Seagull S6 – A Comparison Overview

Taylor big baby Overview

The Big baby Taylor has a dreadnought body shape and top to bottom length of 15 inches which is a 15/16 size.

Its top is made of solid Sitka Spruce while the back and sides are of Sapele.

It is coated with Elixir strings and its neck goes straight into the body.

While it has a lot of punch and good bass, you can also get a soft sound. The guitar is accompanied by a gig bag that would cost you a fortune if purchased separately.


  • Solid top sound
  • Comes with a gig bag
  • Easy to use Electronics option


  • Relatively costly


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Seagull S6 Overview

The Seagull S6 comes with a cedar top, back and sides made of Rosewood and the neck is silver leaf maple.

Its dimensions are standard with a 1.8 inches nut width. The Seagull due to its cedar top gives a warmer tone which delivers a good response to fingerpicking and has a subtle twang in its tone that matches with its full-bodied resonance.

If you prefer strumming, this guitar has a 25.5-inch scale length that gives the versatility to handle both.

You can also get extra components such as a volume knob, bass and treble controls, tuner, and a cable jack if you add a bit of cash.

You can get your natural semi-gloss finished Seagull S6 with a red pickguard or in burnt umber or Mahogany deluxe without a pickguard.

Seagull sounds great when strumming some classics on stage or at a campfire.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Versatility
  • Offers a rich and vibrant tone
  • Value for money


  • Takes a while to get used to


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Final verdict: So, which is better, Taylor big baby or Seagull S6?

As a beginner, it may be overwhelming to make a selection because all you want is to learn and you don’t want it to be a tedious process while getting the desired sound.

The Taylor Big Baby guitar tops our review.

Its slim design and smaller dreadnought size compared to the standard dreadnought guitars make it a bit easier and comfortable to play.


What string does Taylor use on its guitars?

Taylor has been installing Elixir strings on its steel-string models and it currently uses the ultra-thin NANOWEB design from Elixir.

Is Seagull S6 a dreadnought guitar?

Yes. Seagull S6 has the dreadnought body shape.

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