Jackson JS22 Dinky Review

Are you looking for the best quality guitar for your music gear and you don’t know which one to choose from the variety that exist in the music industry? Well, you may want to consider purchasing the Jackson JS22 Dinky which is an absolute value for the buck.

Unlike most guitar brands in the music industry, the Jackson guitars are the newest in the market. Rather, they are more or less modern day guitars.

Generally, the Jackson brand was started by Grover Jackson who eventually established it as a high quality and high performing musical instruments manufacturer.

It has multiple signature guitar series which include the King V, Dinky and Kelly which are the most renowned among most guitar artists up to date.

Notably, the Jackson brand largely focuses on producing metal and rock-oriented guitars whose features include fast playing necks that use sturdy humbucker pickups and sharp design elements.

On this particular review, we will look into the main features of the Jackson JS22 Dinky, one of the most renowned guitars under the JS line by Jackson and evaluate its overall sound performance.

What to expect from the Jackson JS22 Dinky

The JS series by the Jackson brand has been designed to be a very swift, reliable and budget-friendly pick for musicians who are heavily inclined towards hard rock and metal.

They seamlessly retain the classic Jackson guitar seen on previous models which tends to be obscure and quite refined.

The most important feature that is identified in the JS series guitars is that they feature Jackson High Output Humbucking pickups that effectively contribute to their outstanding sound performance.

The sound produced by the Jackson JS22 Dinky would need to match your individual preferences for you to make a solid decision to purchase it as it is intended for specific guitar players and specific ears.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced guitar player, the Jason JS22 has been designed to meet all your needs.

Technically, if you are a novice guitarist, it may take you a while longer to get the hang of it and if you are a non-metal player, you may find this a bummer and keep it aside quite fast.

However, if you are genuinely passionate about hard rock and metal, then you would be entirely impressed with its sound quality and enjoy an immersive guitar experience along the way.

The Jackson Dinky is a solid body electric guitar designed to create sonic mayhem.

It serves up killer sustain and a massive tone courtesy of is uniquely arched basswood body, two high-output humbackers and tremolo tailpiece.

Its compound radius, fat-fretted amaranth fingerboard and maple speed neck allows for seamless playability and allows you to easily transition between lead and rhythm playing.

What are the key features?

The Jackson JS22 Dinky guitar has multiple unique features that make it an absolute value for the buck and a great addition to your music gear. In this section, we will look at three main features that stand out which are;

Exceptional Design and Structure

The body on the Jackson JS22 Dinky is crafted from a decent quality basswood which is commonly used on electric guitar bodies.

Unfortunately, the basswood is quite light and soft and is vulnerable to dings and dents. It produces a bold and delightful tone with an incredible midrange and a very responsive dynamic range and comes in black, blue and white finishes that you can choose from depending on your individual preferences.

The neck on the Jackson JS22 Dinky features high quality maple, is reinforced with graphite and it has a roewood fretboard with impressive inlays that raise its aesthetic fabric.

In addition to that, it has 24 frets and a bigger lower cutaway that allows unlimited access to higher notes. The maple and rosewood frets are an added advantage to your musical experience as they provide a warm and refined tone.

Towards its headstock, you will find 6 tuners that seamlessly blend with the shark fin inlays.

Other unique features in its design and structure include its reliable hardware.

It features a tone knob, a 3-way pickup selector switch and a volume knob.

The knobs are easy to turn and reliable enough to last you a lifetime before having to consider their replacement. They have a two-point pivoted tremolo with individually adjustable bridge saddles but the tremolo tends to feel a little bit flimsy.

It is able to hold up intonation quite well to last through your long music sessions but you should always note that aggressive usage of the tremolo will cause your Jackson Dinky JS22 to go out of tune.

Outstanding Performance, Sound and Pickup

The Jackson JS22 Dinky makes use of two humbuckers, one of which you will find on the bridge while the other on the neck positions with ceramic magnets.

The pickups on the Jackson Dinky JS22, however, are entirely designed for metal and they are not versatile enough to accommodate other music genres.

If you are inclined to playing metal, then you would be impressed with the overall performance and pickups of the Jason JS22 Dinky.

If not, then you would need to look into a different brand to find the best fit for your music gear.

In addition to that, we can describe the Jason JS22 Dinky as a full-sized guitar with a 25 ½ scale length that creates a bold bell-like tone that is refined and has a slightly low frequency response.

The bell-like tone it produces a delightful and powerful tone when it catches up with the double humbuckers fitted into its structure.

Its electronics are quite straightforward and simplistic and the 3 way pickup includes neck only setting, bridge only setting and neck-bridge pickup settings.

Easy and Comfortable Playability

The rosewood fretboard on the Jackson JS22 Dinky seems to have a compound radius that changes when you slide your fingers higher on the fret so that you can have better access to all of the frets on the guitar.

The radius slowly starts at the 12th inch and closes at the 17th and the fret board has about 24 jumbo frets which have a lot of spacing between the strings and the frets.

With these features, you end up having a pretty aggressive design that is best fitted for metal riffs, bendings, solos and slides but one that cannot really accommodate chords and rhythm.

The maple neck and fretboard delivers fast-playing action that allows you seamlessly slide up and down the fingerboard without having to struggle too much.

In addition to that the fast-playing neck allows you to seamlessly transition from lead strumming to rhythm playing almost instantaneously.

Its body shape and weight are quite comfortable, even when you are playing through long musical sessions but you may notice some kind of discomfort on your legs due to the pointy edges.

Generally, we can establish that its design is optimized to ensure easy and comfortable playability.


  • Wide array of colors that you can choose from
  • Comes with a long warranty compared to most guitars in the music industry
  • Sturdy and durable build quality
  • Easy and comfortable playability
  • Elegant and sophisticated design


  • Comes with standard tuners instead of lock tuners that would work well with its tremolo bar
  • Does not come with additional accessories such a gig bag or hard shell case
  • Not versatile enough to accommodate any other genres apart from metal


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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a sophisticated, high performing and well-built guitar for your music gear, then you might have just hit the jackpot after purchasing the Jackson JS22 Dinky guitar.

It provides an exceptional sound performance and has just the right design specifications you would need for all your musical escapades.

In addition to that, it is good enough for metal and has a lot more clarity than most guitars in the market.

Generally, it delivers high definition and tonal clarity alongside mellow and delightful cleans and allows you to play though an amp when need be.

Alongside its balanced tones, it has an extremely durable build quality that gives you bold mid-range tones.


Does the Jackson JS22 Dinky come with lock tuners?

No, it does not.

It comes with standard tuners which may not exactly be the best option for guitars with tremolo bars.

Generally, the main advantage of lock tuners is seen with tremolo-equipped guitars such as the Jackson J22 Dinky electric guitar.

When you lock the strings to the tuner, the amount of string slippage is due to intense use of the tremolo bar is reduced.

This eventually reduces any tuning problems that would arise along the way.

Would it be possible for me to install a Floyd rose system on my Jackson JS22 Dinky electric guitar?

Yes, it would. However your guitar would require very serious routing, drilling and modifications.

To save yourself the hassle and to avoid damaging the body of your guitar, you can always purchase the JS32 version of the Jackson Dinky which readily features this.

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