Ibanez AM93 Review

Ibanez is among the most popular brands in the music industry that offers a great collection of high performing bass guitars, electric guitars, effect and pedals, acoustic guitars, amps and good quality guitar accessories such as tuners, picks and straps.

Having played the guitar for a pretty long time, I have come to embrace the versatile tones that a sturdy and high quality semi-hollow body guitar delivers. Previously, I would always avoid purchasing semi-hollow body guitars because they seemed quite pricey. However, this was not exactly the case with the Ibanez AM93 semi-hollow body guitar which I can sum up as an absolute value for the buck. Aside from being affordable, it is aesthetically pleasing and high performing.

When compared to hollow electric guitars, semi-hollow body guitars are extremely versatile musical instruments. This is because they can be played either clean or distorted and they barely experience any feedback issues. When purchasing a semi-hollow body guitar, you would need to consider a few important factors such as the music genre you are entirely inclined to, the playability features you possibly need the overall body size of the guitar.

Semi-hollow body guitars such as the Ibanez AM93 are ideal for rock, blues, jazz music and a few other genres but do not necessarily work well for hard rock or metal. This means that if you are inclined to metal and hard rock you would rather go for a solid body electric guitar. Playability features, on the other hand, include the neck of any guitar that have been designed to ensure ease and comfort while playing. Personally, slimmer and fast-playing work well for me but there is always the option to choose one with thick and substantial necks.

An added advantage to semi-hollow body guitars is that they come in a variety of sizes that have been designed to accommodate guitarists with both small and large hands. With that said, let us explore the top features of the Ibanez AM93 and evaluate its performance.

What to expect from the Ibanez AM93

The Ibanez AM93 semi-hollow body electric guitar belongs to the art expressionist series designed and created by Ibanez to accommodate all guitarists, novice and experience alike. This particular expressionist line by Ibanez is best suited for jazz music.

Generally, the sound it produces, the feel, its look/finish and its build quality are all top-notch. The pickups on the Ibanez AM93 give it a nice clean bite from the bridge alongside a beautiful lush feel from the neck to rest of the guitar. When overdriven or when you use it for long playing sessions, it has outstanding tone and sustain.

The neck on the Ibanez is quite deep and more traditional. In as much so, it has a very comfortable contour that allows you to seamlessly position your thumb when changing your grip between hammer on/offs, bends and bites. The fretwork on its neck are well polished and their ends are rounded off quite well. In addition to that, its rosewood fretboard and inlays are properly finished too in such a way that it raises the aesthetic fabric of your music gear. Also, there is no binding on its fretboard and the configuration on its bridge is subtle enough to accommodate your sound needs.

It has a stunning finish with a 4A quilt pattern that raises the aesthetic fabric of your music gear. In addition to that, it is an incredible guitar designed and structured for playing country, jazz, blues, rockabilly and classic blues-rock meaning that with the Ibanez AM93 you should expect versatility. We could also say that the Ibanez AM93 semi-hollow body guitar competes head to head with most guitars that cost thrice the price and still wins in its category.

What are the key features?

Among a few interesting features that the Ibanez AM93 possesses are;

Exceptional Tonewoods

The Ibanez AM93 comes in two types, that is, the AM93ME and the AM93QM. The AM93QM are the semi-hollow body electric guitars under this category made with a quilted ash body and sides and a quilted maple top that ensure its harmonic content. The Maple top is visually stunning and raises the tone of your guitar. The AM93ME, on the other hand, is crafted from Macassar Ebony which has a defined low end with very little emphasis on the midrange. Generally, it is crafted with high quality woods that contribute to its aesthetics and overall performance.

Sophisticated Design and Comfortable Playability

The AM93 has been designed to accommodate smaller players through its thin line and compact build. It incorporates vintage features into its structure as its neck is fairly thick and substantial like older guitars which is not exactly as fast-playing but very comfortable. Its three piece neck is made from Maple and Nylon which is a very sturdy combination designed to reduce wear and tear. Its well bound Ebony fingerboard is easy and fast to access and ensures a seamless strumming experience. Generally, its playability features ensure maximum comfort when you are playing the guitar as its thin-line body strikes the balance you need for the portability of your music gear.

Well, the Ibanez AM93 is simply a two-humbucker semi-hollow body electric guitar that comes with a basic Gibson wiring pattern, that is, two tone and two volume. In as much so, it is well built and it has an amazing 21-fret fingerboard and maybe the only adjustment you would need to make once it is out the box is to low the action a little bit by lowering the bridge. Also, it is quite easy to use and holds its tune pretty well so you do not have to constantly intonate the guitar or tamper with its truss rod.

Decent Sound Performance Levels

The Ibanez AM93 semi-hollow body guitar includes Custom 58 pickups with one at the bridge and the other at the neck. The pickups offer exceptional versatility and let us just say that they are more or less jazz or blues pickups. When you play the Ibanez AM93 through an overdriven amp, you will notice that it produces a fat humbucker tone.

The Super 58 pickups have been designed you with a refines sound alongside crisp note definition. With the Ibanez AM93 semi-hollow body guitar, you are able to enjoy an immersive guitar experience and play multiple music genres including reggae, rockabilly, blues, classic rock and metal among other music genres.

However much so, you should avoid using the Ibanez AM93 guitar for playing extremely heavy metal on it because it may create unresponsive feedback.


  • Designed to accommodate both left handed and right handed guitarists
  • Elegant and sophisticated design
  • Durable build quality and non-corrosive finish designed to last you a lifetime
  • Has multiple tonal advantages
  • Refined and clear sound
  • Excellent factory setup


  • Does not come with a carrying or storage case thus you may need to incur more costs for it
  • The frets seem a little bit rough and unfinished
  • The gold finish is susceptible to climate changes such as temperature and humidity thus could corrode over time


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Final Thoughts

The Ibanez AM93 is an outstanding entry-level semi-hollow electric guitar designed to accommodate your music needs and satisfy your personal preferences. Most of its features are similar to those that you would find on a solid body electric guitar. However much so, it still produces an amazing sound quality for a semi-hollow guitar. All in all, the Ibanez AM93 is just about the best instrument for you if you are trying to create a balance between versatility, affordability and durability.

A unique feature that the Ibanez AM93 guitar has is its super 58 pickups ensure an immersive music experience when you are playing the guitar and they act pretty well when you are playing jazz. Also, the pickup design on the Ibanez AM93 makes it versatile enough for you to play almost all other genres comfortably. Another unique feature that the Ibanez AM93 has its gold hardware which does not tarnish. Even better, the Ibanez AM93 accommodates both right handed and left handed guitar players thus a great addition to any music gear.


Does the Ibanez AM93 come with a case? What would be the best hard shell case that could fit my Ibanez AM93 guitar properly?

Unfortunately, the Ibanez AM93 semi-hollow body electric guitar does not come with a case that you can carry or store your guitar in. However, when you want to purchase a case for your guitar, you can look up the AM100C hard shell case designed by Ibanez for the AM93ME and the AM93QM guitars. They are available at Ibanez dealers such as Sam Ash and Guitar center among others.

Is the Ibanez AM93 semi-hollow body guitar ideal for playing heavy metal?

Unfortunately not. You may want to purchase a different Ibanez guitar when you are inclined to playing heavy metal.

Does the Ibanez AM93 guitar come when it is already strung or do I have to install the strings myself?

It is readily strung but you would need to install new strings yourself when any of them need replacement.

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