Ibanez AF75 Review

Ibanez is among the most popular brands in the music industry that offers good quality and high performing bass guitars, electric guitars, effect and pedals, acoustic guitars, amps and other guitar accessories such as tuners, picks and straps which are all designed to meet your needs. In this review, we will look into the top features of the Ibanez AF75 to establish whether it is a worthy investment.

A constant fear among most guitarists when purchasing hollow body guitars is that these particular types of guitars need constant retuning. However, is this the case with the Ibanez AF75? Not exactly. Generally, hollow body guitars are identified as the most versatile types because they allow you to seamlessly explore multiple music genres including jazz, punk, blues and rock among others. An added benefit to owning hollow body guitars such as the Ibanez AF75 is that you are able to acquire even and high quality sound even without plugging it into an amplifier. What’s better than this?

The Ibanez AF75 features grover-like tuners, closed-cover humbuckers, a floating bridge and f-holes among others to ensure that you are able to enjoy an immersive music experience. It is the most efficient guitar in its category when it comes to producing an open and airy sound. In addition to that, you have the option to adjust its floating bridge when you want to customize its intonation. It is designed for use by intermediate players, hobby players and advanced players as well.

What to expect from the Ibanez AF75

The Ibanez AF75 is a pretty decent hollow body guitar with a classic shape that gives it a rich warm look. It is optimized with both modern and developed hardware while it still maintains its budget-friendly nature. Unlike other hollow body guitars, the Ibanez AF75 holds its tune pretty well so you do not have to waste so much time and energy retuning.

The Ibanez AF75 comes with a chrome hardware that has two tone and two volume controls alongside a three-way toggle switch that allows for seamless and instant pickup selection. Aside from its outstanding sound performance, it has a sturdy build structure, it is quite affordable and it is aesthetically pleasing.

It is fitted with the Gibraltar Performer bridge that provides you with a rich sustain and tuning ability so that you can play for longer sessions without having to worry about re-tuning. Also, its low positioned saddles promise very comfortable playability. In addition to that, its classic elite pickups have been designed to offer you a rich, nuanced tone with a flat low-end.

Unfortunately, the Ibanez AF75 may need you to acquire services from a professional luthier to successfully set it up. It gets more complicated when you are a novice guitarist. However, once it is successfully set up to get the sound you want, then you are able to seamlessly enjoy maximum benefits every time you play.

Key Features of the Ibanez AF75

The Ibanez AF75 has multiple highly developed and unique features designed to ensure that you can enjoy an immersive sound experience when playing or listening to the guitar. In this section, we will look at three features that could help you consider purchasing the Ibanez AF75 hollow body guitar for your music gear.

Design and Structure

The Ibanez AF75 features a sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing design that comes in multiple color options including Vintage Sunburst, Brown, Olive Metallic and Transparent Red Sunburst. You can even pick out a color on your Ibanez AF75 depending on the music genre that you are inclined to. For example, if you are a die hard rock fan you may want to try out the Olive Metallic color, if you are into the 50s you may want to try something more vintage looking like the Brown or the Vintage Sunburst and you can go for the Transparent Red Sunburst for classical tones.

The body, the back and the sides of the Ibanez AF75 hollow body guitar are constructed with maple and have a high gloss finish that contributes to its sturdy nature. Its single-cutaway body structure contributes to its compact nature, seamless playability and high portability levels. It weighs about 11 lbs and it has a white binding on its f-hole, body, neck and headstock. Its fretboard is made from Rosewood and it is fitted with 22 decent frets without any sharp edges to ensure your comfort and convenience when you are playing the guitar.

Its strings are securely set in place at all times due to its Tune-o-Matic Bridge and synthetic bone nut with Trapezoid tailpiece. This further contributes to an amazing sound quality. Unfortunately, you may experience a few challenges when setting up its floating bridge especially if you are a novice guitar player. Advantageously, it has in-built tuners which are quite accurate and smooth enough to hold its tune. This allows you play much longer unlike other hollow body guitars.

Sound Performance

To enjoy an immersive sound experience with the Ibanez AF75, you would need to ensure that the bridge, the strings and the action are correctly set up. Once this is done, best believe you will get the best sounding guitar even without plugging it into an amp. Its floating bridge works together with its trapezoid tailpiece to deliver an open and airy sound that is music to the ears. This further allows you to seamlessly achieve jazz and blues tones that could take you back to the 50s and 60s.

The Ibanez AF75 works pretty well for rock but its pickups are not as reliable for hard rock or metal. So, we can establish that it works best for soft rock. Unfortunately, the Ibanez AF75 is not the most ideal guitar for stage performances because it produces some feedback that distorts its sound quality, especially when it is loosely connected to an amplifier. All in all, with the Ibanez AF75 you have a guarantee of refined, clear and crisp sound without any edgy sounds that comes with the Strat.

Comfortable Playability Levels

Its neck has a short feel that allows you to seamlessly and comfortably play the guitar without any difficulties associated with hand cramping. In addition to that, the tapering around its neck is designed to help you slide your hand up and down quickly and easily when playing. Its lightweight nature further allows you to comfortably play the Ibanez AF75 without having to worry about wrist and shoulder exhaustion. This comes in handy when you are playing for longer hours.

Its strings are comfortable to pick and it works well with 10’ and 11’ strings but you may notice a few issues with the G-string where it causes an irritating buzz ad noise. However, you can sort this out by choosing to re-string your guitar with better quality strings if you would like to customize its overall playability and sound quality.


  • Exceptional versatility that accommodates various music genres including classic tones, jazz and blues
  • Durable build quality
  • Elegant design structure that raises the aesthetic fabric of your music gear
  • Its floating bridge allows you to easily adjust and customize the intonation based on your preference
  • Holds tune pretty well
  • Provides clear, full and extremely rich sound quality
  • Lightweight and extremely portable


  • It may need professional set up before you start playing
  • It has a flat fretboard which may need some time to get used to especially if you are inclined to rounder neck guitars
  • Not the best guitar for live bands or on stage as it has terrible feedback at higher volumes
  • Does not come with a storage case


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In as much as the Ibanez AF75 has a few shortcomings, it remains a great addition to your music gear as it serves as a great combination of comfortable playability, durability and aesthetic. In addition to that, its versatility is an absolute bonus as it allows you to explore multiple music genres including rock, jazz, country and blues. Also, it is able to hold its tune pretty well thus a great companion for all guitarists no matter their music entry levels.


Does the Ibanez AF75 guitar have a tremolo bar?

Unfortunately not. Neither is it easy for you to retro-fit one to it. Tremolo bars, also known as a whammy bars have been designed to alter the tension on the strings of your guitar concurrently. When one string on your guitar breaks, the spring tension tends to pull harder on the remaining strings and eventually they all go out of tune. However much so, it is not the best option for your Ibanez AF75 guitar.

Does the Ibanez AF75 come with a case?

No, it does not. You would need to incur more costs to purchase a case for transportation and storage. It is advised that you find a hard shell case to store your guitar long-term or find yourself a gig bag that you can use to carry your guitar around if you are heavily invested in gig performances that require you to travel a lot.

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