Gibson ES 339 Review

Gibson Brands, Incorporated is a popular American manufacturer of multiple guitar types, professional audio equipment and other musical instruments. Ever since its establishment it has been renowned for its high performing and high quality equipment that have slowly dominated the music industry.

Are you trying to find the best semi-acoustic guitar for your music escapades and you don’t know which one to choose form the great variety that dominate the music industry? Or, have you come across multiple Gibson guitars during your adventurous shopping spree and you do not know which one to choose?

Well, you have come to the right place.

No matter the genre, music feels better when you are using high quality and high performing musical instruments, whether a guitar, piano or drum among others.

Generally, to enjoy an immersive music experience and delightful guitar playing experience, you would need to invest in a good quality guitar.

Among a few high performing guitars that ensure that you are able to achieve a delightful guitar experience when strumming or listening, are Gibson guitars.

The Gibson guitars are comprised of acoustic, electric and classic guitars.

I have used a couple of these guitars over the years and I am particularly impressed with the Gibson ES 339 semi-acoustic guitar.

To narrow down your options, I have come up with this detailed review to help you find out whether the Gibson ES 339 would be a great addition to your music gear.

Let us explore its main features and evaluate its overall performance.

What to expect from the Gibson ES339

Electric guitars came in different designs, shapes and colors and at times it may be a challenge to pick one for your music gear considering the variety that exists in the music industry.

Among the most interesting electric guitar types are the semi-hollow models like the Gibson ES 339 which combine the best of both worlds, the acoustic and the electric, which work together to produce amazing sounds and a versatile tonal range.

All the features that the Gibson ES 339 have actively contribute to its sound quality and its overall playability.

The Gibson ES 339 is indeed a great addition to the music industry and has completely blown the mind of most guitarists as it seems a perfect fit for everything on so many levels, from its eye-catching aesthetic and its exceptional sound quality to its extremely durable build quality and versatility.

The Gibson ES 339 is a semi-acoustic/ semi-hollow body electric guitar designed to accommodate the needs and individual preferences of novice, intermediate and advantaged guitar players alike.

It includes an elegant gloss finish that raises the aesthetic fabric of your music deck or gear, dot fingerboard inlays, an ABR-1 stop tailpiece, Kluson machine heads and a very solid center block that work together to enhance your guitar playing experience.

It comes with a Gibson hard shell case that allows you to comfortably carry around and store your guitar and a customized certificate of authenticity.

Its Memphis tone circuit has been developed to balance the low, top and even volume.

It features an F-Hole symbol inscribed truss rod cover which serves as the iconic embem of the Gibson ES line.

Its retro style tuners have modern features and they have been designed to add thickness to the peg head and provide greater strength and stability.

It has a bone nut that allows for smooth tuning and extended durability. Its binding is actively rounded off to comfortably fit into the contours of your hand when you are playing.

Its lower fret height and block fingerboard offer accurate intonation and very smooth playability. It has two Burstbucker pickups that ensure balanced output and a much brighter sound.

We can establish that the Gibson ES 339 combines the great sustain ability of a sturdy body structure with deep and warm tones of a hollow body guitar. In addition to that, the Gibson ES 339 has been designed to accommodate all your sound needs and satisfy your individual preferences.

The Gibson ES 339 semi-acoustic guitar has been designed to accommodate novice, intermediate and advanced guitar players.

It is ideal for hobby playing, professional playing and for unwinding too.

What are the key features?

The Gibson ES 339 Guitar has multiple unique characteristics that make it a great addition to your music gear.

Let us take a look at three main features that the Gibson ES 339 has to offer, that you can extensively look into when trying to purchase the best guitar for your music gear.

Delightful Sound Performance Levels

You are probably wondering what the Gibson ES 339 guitar sounds like and how it generally performs when producing sound. Well, the Gibson ES 339 is known to produce a superb and delightful acoustic resonance from its semi-hollow body which is quite loud for its type.

Its resonance is refined, crisp and dynamic with lofty highs and voluminous lows.

The classic humbuckers fitted into its structure provide you with a smooth sound towards its neck and something higher towards its thick bridge.

When you mix strums on the neck and bridge you will notice a jumping and open twang that is quite entertaining for soft and lively music genres.

Generally, it has an exceptional sound quality and it produces smooth and classic tones ideal for the blues, jazz and soft rock.

Elegant Design and Sturdy Structure

The Gibson ES 399 is 14.25 inches wide, 16.75 inches long and has its rim depth at 1.75 inches which may not exactly be the most compact size compared to other smaller guitars such as the Gibson ES 335.

Its compact nature contributes to its portability levels and it has an elegant design that blends and raises the aesthetic fabric of any music deck or gear.

Its top and bottom are lightly arched and it features a one-piece quarter swan mahogany neck that comes in two sizes, that is a ’59 neck profile and a 30/60 which is much slimmer but has a wider feel similar to those in the 1960s.

In all, the Gibson ES 339 presents an elegant semi hollow body electric guitar that seamlessly blends into your music deck and raises the aesthetic fabric of your music gear.

Durability and Reliability

To affirm the reliability and durability of the Gibson ES 339 semi-hollow body electric guitar, Gibson provides you with a lifetime warranty upon purchase.

Its sturdy build structure, the high quality materials used in its construction and the precision by its manufacturer during precision ensure that the Gibson ES 339 guitar is able to last you a life time, let us just say to last you through your music journey that is from your beginner levels to advanced levels of your music journey.

All you need to do is ensure that you are constantly maintaining it correctly at all times by replacing its parts at the right times, regularly cleaning it and storing it in a hard shell case.


  • Its neck and bridge pickups are well balanced
  • Features Gibson’s Memphis Tone Circuit on its wiring structure to help preserve high frequencies no despite the volume
  • Decent build quality and aesthetic design
  • Smooth playability
  • Accurate intonation and exceptional sound quality
  • Versatile enough to accommodate multiple music genres such as jazz, rock and the blues


  • Rare commodity which makes it a challenge to easily find replaceable parts
  • It has a very narrow fret that reduces the playing area
  • Not the best option if on a tight budget


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Final Verdict

The Gibson ES 339 semi-hollow body electric guitar is indeed a high quality and high performing guitar designed to meet all your sound needs. It has a unique tonal variation and it simply has a very specific dynamic to it.

In as much as it is not too versatile like other guitars within the same category, it can seamlessly accommodate jazz, the blues and classic rock.

So, whether you are a novice or professional guitarists, you would be impressed with everything that the Gibson ES 339 has to offer.


Is there a wide array of colors that I can choose from when seeking to purchase the Gibson ES 339?

The Gibson ES 339 differ in terms of the wood construction used in their manufacture.

Generally, there are two finishes that you can choose from, that is, the gloss nitrocellulose lacquer in Trans Ebony and Cherry.

If none of these match your individual preferences, you have the option to paint it.

What kind of tuners come with the Gibson ES 339?

The Gibson ES 339 comes with Grover Rotomatic tuners which are newly developed and they have a better set up and configuration that allows the Gibson ES 339 to hold tune pretty well thus an added advantage for you if you are playing for long music sessions.

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