Fender Super champ XD vs. X2 – Which is the better combo amp?

A guitar amplifier offers more to your guitar. It strengthens your guitar’s weak electric signal and amplifies it. Having the right amp may be the difference during your performance.

When choosing an amp for your guitar, ensure it’s high quality and works well with your guitar to produce the sound intended. The Fender Company produces top-notch amps like the Fender champ XD and the X2 models that you can select from.

What are the key differences between the Fender champ XD and the X2 amps?

Fender champ XD
Fender champ X2
38cm x 45cm x 22.9cm
38cm x 44cm x 23.3cm
External speaker capability
Doesn’t have
Inbuilt Fender Fuse software
USB port
Number of effects
2-band EQ

Fender champ XD vs X2 – How do they compare?


When compared side by side, the Fender champ XD and X2 have a similar vintage Fender amp look and only come in black color. The audio jack and control knobs on both models are identically positioned. They also don’t differ much in size and weight, though the Fender champ X2 is slightly lighter than the XD.

Both amps are similar in design and build quality.

Voicing knobs

Both models come with voicing knobs to give you variable sound outputs and better audio quality. The Fender champ XD has 16 different preamp voices while the X2 comes with 15 preamp voices. Either way, you’ll have effect level control to be able to do anything.

Both amps have similar voice knobs.

Audio capabilities

Both amps can connect to an external speaker using both input and output lines and they also come with a 15-watt dual-channel tube. Both amps also come with switching capability and an optional foot-switch capability. One difference is that the Fender champ X2 comes with a USB output that you can connect to a PC, something the XD doesn’t have. Fender champ X2 has a better audio capability than the XD.

Sound effects and software

The Fender champ XD gives you 16 different voicing selections as well as 16 DFS effects to modulate the sound of your guitar while the X2 offers 15 effects and 16 voicings including Blackface and Tweed. It also comes with a TAP tempo control to enable you to easily adjust your guitar’s sound while playing because of the delay.

The X2 comes with the Fuse software compatible with PCs that you can connect via the USB port. This software gives you complete control over your guitar’s reverb, delay, and modulation effects. You can even go further and customize your amp, save your guitar’s sound directly to the amp, or even save and share your songs on social media. Fender champ X2 has better sound effects and software compared to the XD.

Fender champ XD vs X2 amp – A Comparison Overview

Fender champ XD Overview

This Fender model has a 38cm x 45cm x 22.9cm dimension with a black textured vinyl covering. It has buttons and controls on the front as well as a silver grille cloth to protect the speaker. It’s lightweight making it portable. It uses 15 watts and has one 12AX7 preamp tube and two 6V6 tubes. It also comes with a 10-inch 8Ω speaker for a decent sound. It generates clean backface tones. This amp is ideal for jamming or practice along with other instruments.


  • Sound versatility
  • Blackface vibe
  • High-quality speaker
  • Light and portable
  • Comes with an external speaker line output


  • Bright high-gain metal sounds without heavy EQ compensation/additional extension cab
  • No USB port
  • Tempo control is not possible


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Fender champ X2 Overview

The X2 is slightly smaller with a 38cm x 44cm x 23.3cm dimension and comes only in black color. It has eight control knobs including Gain, volume 1, F/X Level among others which you can use to modulate your guitar’s sound and use 15 watts. It comes with a single speaker with an 8-ohm impedance, 15 preamp voices, a USB port, and Fuse software from Fender. Although the software was discontinued in March 2020 by Fender, you can still download it and replace the defaults on your X2. This combo amp gives you a perfect blend of analog and digital with its 16 selectable voicings.


  • Highly versatile
  • Great Fuse software compatibility
  • Has a TAP tempo control option
  • Easy switching between channels
  • Comes with USB port and digital capabilities


  • Unideal for larger gigs
  • Unsuitable for all music genres


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Final verdict: So, which is better, Fender champ XD or X2?

Both these amps are targeted towards both accomplished and aspiring artists. Choosing between the Fender champ XD and Fender champ X2 is not easy as they’re more similar than different and they all have a great output. All you need is to get your head around the controls and you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use the Fender Fuse software on my amp?

Yes. Although Fender dropped support for the software, you can still download and use the software on your Mac or Windows PC.

Can I use the Fender champ X2 in gigs?

You can use the X2 when recording in the studio, practicing at home, or in small gigs because it’s not loud enough for large audiences.

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