Epiphone Sheraton II Pro Review

There are multiple semi-hollow body electric guitars in the music industry but you may end up spending a tad too much on them. So, if you are looking for a budget friendly pick for your music gear, you may want to consider purchasing the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro which is among the high performing semi-hollow body guitars. Let us take a look at its top features and evaluate its sound performance levels.

The semi-hollow body guitar is simply a classic design combination that gives you a delightful richness due to is resonant chamber as it retains solid body features such a tighter top end, enhanced sustain and a reduced tendency to feed back. Today’s semi-hollow body guitars are extremely capable of a great variety of tones with some decked out with the most recent control systems and innovations to deliver an immersive guitar experience. Whether you are looking for the ultimate in modern neck profiles and precision controls, going for an aesthetically pleasing musical instrument or just trying to understand the various models of guitars, you will always be able to find the best hollow body guitar that produces the sound you are seeking to achieve and fits perfectly into your hand.

We could say that the Epiphone brand is more or less a much lower-cost Gibson brand that makes high quality and high performing guitars designed to accommodate guitarists on a budget at it seamlessly meets all your music needs. Among its jazz style guitar is the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro which is both easy and fun to play. It has the ability to produce just the right tones that you need for country and the blues as well. Generally, it is the ideal choice if you are trying to strike a balance between quality and quantity.

What to expect from the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro

The Epiphone Sheraton II Pro, an upgrade of the previous Epiphone Sheraton model was released in 1986 and it features a thin-line semi-hollow body and ProBucker humbucker pickups designed to ensure that you can enjoy an immersive music experience. Among its exciting features are its fixed stop bar and it is well priced to match is performance levels and build quality.

In addition to that, this particular guitar is more inclined towards guitarists with a couple of years of experience in their musical journey and it is carefully designed to accommodate intermediate to advanced guitar players. This e not necessarily mean that beginners cannot use it. If you are a beginner, you may struggle to get the hang of it because of its comprehensive size but once you are able to then you can seamlessly play the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro guitar.

It is a versatile semi-hollow body guitar and it is the best musical instrument for blues, jazz, country and almost all genres except hard rock and metal. So, if you are interested in playing heavier music, you may need to look up a different guitar, perhaps a solid electric guitar. Also, with the Ephiphone Sheration II Pro, you can expect ease of use and playability as it features a very smooth and fast-playing neck. It has higher frets which are quite easy to play because of its decent neck joint that allows you to seamlessly slide up and down the fretboard when playing.

Whereas the guitar accommodates genres such as jazz, the blues and country music, it is also a perfect rhythm guitar as well as a lead guitar. Unfortunately, a drawback of the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro is seen in its size which may be quite cumbersome to work around especially if you are heavily invested in gig performances. However much so, as you keep playing it regularly, it becomes much easier to work around it.

What are the key features?

The Epiphone Sheraton II Pro has multiple unique features that present it as the best addition to your music gear but in this section we will look at three outstanding features that you can look into when purchasing it for your musical escapades.

Outstanding design and structure

The Epiphone Sheraton II Pro is crafted with a maple top, back and sides and it features a very aesthetically pleasing ivory and black binding. It includes a tortoise style pickguard that is engraved with the letter ‘E’ to represent the brand Epiphone. In addition to that, it features a double-cutaway body with a thin-line semi-hollow body archtop and it comes with a Vintage Red Wine finish alongside gold hardware. Unfortunately, it does not have a wide array of colors that you can choose from but you can easily customize it to suit your individual preferences.

It has two tone controls and two volume controls to ensure ease of use and it is lightweight enough to ensure portability. This comes in handy when you are heavily invested in gig performances. Its neck is made from a maple laminate and has the slip taper neck profile associated with the ‘60s. Its rosewood fretboard with block and triangle inlays with a radius of 12-inches and its 24.75 scale length are just about the right size to ensure that it fits perfectly into your hands.

Comfortable Playability

The Epiphone Sheraton II Pro is among the thin-line semi-hollow body guitars with a very comfortable SlimTaper neck shape designed to accommodate both beginner and professional guitarists. Once you remove it from the box, you will notice that it already has a lower action and allows you to play well even on fast action without having to experience annoying fret buzzes. Unfortunately, you may notice that its fret edges are quite sharp therefore you would need to polish its edges so that you can move up and down the fretboard easily.

It comes with reliable D’Addario strings designed to ensure that you are able to enjoy a seamless guitar experience and its tuning process is quite instantaneous. However, if you would want to upgrade them to a better quality, you can go with any 10-46 strings. In addition to that, its performance is optimized through the use of a Graph Tech NuBone XL nut which ensures congruous spacing and a harmonious balance of the stings on the fretboard. The LockTune Stop Bar, Epiphone LockTune Tune-o-Matic bridge and the Grover Rotomatics combo ensure that the strings are able to stay in tune pretty well so that you can seamlessly strum through long music sessions.

The weight of the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro also contributes to its easy and comfortable playability. It gives you the chance to explore complex guitar techniques without having to feel exhausted and go through hand cramps. Its sturdy construction also comes in handy if you are an aggressive guitar player.

Delightful Sound Performance Levels

With the right settings of the volume, pickup and tone, you would be able to achieve refined and delightful vintage sounds like those in the ‘60s. When strumming through its strings, you will notice that it produces bell like sounds with a very long sustains thus making it the most ideal musical instrument for solos and leads. It also produces warm, smooth tones and refines, bright and aggressive tones to accommodate your music needs.

It is fitted with the ProBucker humbucking pickups which have been designed to ensure tonal versatility across multiple music genres. In addition to that, its neck and bridge pickups are both coil-tapped to ensure that you are able to access more sound-coil options and achieve refined vintage sounds similar to Gibson humbuckers.



  • Rough fret edges that may need polishing
  • Does not come with a carrying case
  • Limited color options


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To conclude, we can establish that the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro guitar is a bang for the buck as it is packed with incredible guitar features similar to Gibson semi-hollow body guitars. As a package of luxurious and classy looks alongside delightful semi-hollow body tones, it seems the best guitar for playing jazz, the blues and rock music. Its ProBucker 2 and 3 pickups allow to enjoy and acquire fuller and much richer sounds.

Unfortunately, its fretboard may need some getting used to and you would need to start polishing its fret edges but this does not compromise on its playability levels and exceptional sound performance. All in all, you would be impressed with its durability, versatility, affordability and exceptional sound performance.


Does the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro guitar come with a hard shell case?

Unfortunately not. Neither does it come with a gig bag. If you want to store or carry around your guitar, you would need to incur more costs for a hard shell case or gig bag.

Can I use the Epiphone Sheraton II Pro semi-hollow body guitar to play heavier music such as hard metal or rock?

Unfortunately not. The Epiphone Sheraton II Pro guitar is more suitable for playing jazz, the blues and country music.

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