Best guitar stands – great 2021 considerations

Whether you own one or several guitars, you cannot deny that having a good quality multi-guitar stand is a priority, so that it allows you to place your instruments safely without the risk of damage.

As long as you have a good guitar stand, it is much easier to protect your guitar from damage, reduce your overall maintenance costs, and keep all your guitar’s accessories safe.

The bad news is that it is a challenge picking the best stand, because everything promises quality service but you do not want to spend money on a stand that you will regret purchasing later on.

Fortunately, my own experience with owning these items makes it easier for me to know what to look for and the stands that are in the best shape to accommodate my guitars.

The experience is not a letdown in any way, and the recommendations in this review should give you a good place to start when looking for a stand for your instrument.

Best guitar stands of 2021 – Comparison Table

Dimensions (inches)
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Flanger foldable FL-01P guitar stand
0.9 lbs.
13.8 x 4.1 x 2.1
Best Choice Products Multi-Guitar stand
4.5 lbs.
34.5 x 16.5 x 31.0
Hola! Music Universal guitar stand
2.6 lbs.
17.6 x 4.0 x 5.2
Zither Wooden red oak guitar stand
7.4 lbs.
44.1 x 12.9 x 2.8
Hercules GS422BPLUS Plus Series stand
6.6 lbs.
33.0 x 6.0 x 6.0

Best guitar stands of 2021 – Top Picks

Flanger foldable guitar stand

Like most of the options on this list, this comes in an easy-to-fold design and universal sizing to allow its accommodation of multiple guitar sizes.


  • Design fits all sizes of acoustic and classical guitars
  • ABS material comprises the stand, giving it a lightweight and strong design
  • Foldable in only 3 steps
  • Weighs 450g, making it easily portable
  • Non-slip silicon feet and soft silicon cushioning on all parts to add stability
  • Warranty lasting 180 days

Unlike some guitar stands that require extensive steps to follow when folding them down, this only uses three steps that are easy to follow and make it convenient when you are in a rush. It is also very lightweight and portable in design, so you will find it easy to store and carry around.

To eliminate friction issues, it includes non-slip silicone feet and light plastic material to make it as lightweight as possible. Moreover, soft silicone cushions align all the contact points, so your instruments will not get scratches when you place them on it.


  • The universal fit accommodates most guitars
  • Good compact design approach
  • 180-day warranty period in case you are unsatisfied
  • Good quality in its build


  • Needs extra height at its bottom to allow docked guitars to get extra space


The universal fit of this guitar stand is the reason it is on this list and is worth considering, while it remains an option friendly for beginners or those buying their first stand.

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Best Choice Products 7-guitar stand

This is probably the coolest option on this list, as it can accommodate up to 7 guitars at once – so you are never in doubt about its strength and long-term quality.


  • Accommodates a maximum of 7 guitars
  • Can hold bass, acoustic, and electric guitars
  • Padded tubes to protect your instruments
  • Fold-down mechanism and lightweight design to allow for easy storage and portability

You never need to worry about the weight of your instruments when you have this stand – its strength is very impressive. Its padded tubing ensures that your guitars do not get any scratches, breakage, or ding, and the large dimensions allow it to host multiple instruments at the same time. It does not feel heavy when you fold it down and carry it either, which is quite the pleasant realization.

Its attributes make it very easy to transport, and its durable and steady base will hold your instruments in place very securely. You can assemble it quickly as well, and its pricing is very affordable considering the build quality and value it offers.


  • It can hold multiple guitars simultaneously
  • Very affordable price
  • High levels of strength and durability
  • Easy to assemble and transport


  • While it is easy to build, the assembly takes quite some time


This is definitely a guitar stand to consider if you happen to own more than three guitars in your collection, rather than buying multiple stands to hold your instruments at the same time.


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Hola! Music Universal guitar stand

The fact that this stand can accommodate all sizes of classical and acoustic guitars makes it an easy choice for this review. It is also quite reliable in its service, all thanks to the beautiful appearance and excellent quality in its construction. The best part though is the affordable pricing it comes at.


  • Can fit ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, bass, electric, classical, and acoustic guitars
  • Includes a neck rest and yoke feature that has nitrocellulose-safe padding to protect the finish of the instrument
  • Easy to adjust its height to fit multiple guitar shapes and scale lengths
  • Easy to collapse for convenient storage and transport

Guitar stands come in all sizes, and this one happens to be among the most compact ones you will find – it is quite small even when compared to others in this review. When folded, it only occupies 12 by 6 inches, making it ultra-portable and very easy to transport when going to the studio or gigs.

The materials that comprise it are of premium quality, and it is easy to adjust its height. Aside from guitars, it can also accommodate other instruments such as mandolins, ukulele, banjo, violins, and so on. None of these instruments will suffer damage, thanks to the yoke and neck rest that are comprised of soft padded material. Among its most interesting features though is the patented leg housing, which gives it automatic locking capabilities as soon as you open and place it on the ground to ensure the safety of your instruments.


  • Very high quality, considering its price
  • Affordable
  • Non-slip base that maintains the safety of the stand
  • Foldable neck to make it easy to store and carry


  • None noted so far


This is a great option if you are looking for a stand that can accommodate a wide variety of guitars, as well as providing value for your money.


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Zither Wooden guitar stand

If you are looking for an ultra-stylish guitar stand, then this is probably the right choice for you. It features a solid wood build, making it an interesting alternative to the usual plastic and steel-tubed stands and the wood is of premium quality to ensure it lasts for many years to come.


  • Features USA-made String Swing cradling that is safe for a nitro-finished instrument
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Handcrafted and comprised of premium-quality solid wood
  • Unique grain patterns and colors
  • Hand-rubbed oil finish hardens inside the wood, making the stand age better
  • Fits any full-size guitar

The design of the item is meant to mimic a typical furniture stand that lasts for a long time, and its universal fit allows it to accommodate most standard-size guitars. You can also get it in seven color options, with each color having its own uniqueness and grain patterns – so you can always choose one that fits your décor.

Additionally, it also includes a hand-rubbed oil finish in its design, which helps it age better as time goes on. This is because the finish hardens inside the wood grains instead of on the outer surface – and if you want to freshen up the stand, the package includes free lemon oil that you can apply at any time.


  • Very elegant approach to the design and appearance
  • Includes a free oil to help freshen up the wood
  • Durable build
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Pricier compared to other options


It is difficult to understate the elegance of this guitar stand, thanks to the wooden design available in several colors.


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Hercules GS422BPLUS Plus Series universal guitar stand

If you are on the hunt for a guitar stand that can accommodate your most premium guitar collections, then this is right up that alley. It is made for multiple varieties of guitars that include bass, electric and acoustic, and is easy to adjust to give a perfect fit for each instrument.


  • Uses an upgraded universal auto grip system
  • Holds two instruments
  • AGS system yokes, which are easy to fold down for convenience
  • Adjustable back rests
  • SFF rubber contacts to protect the finish of the guitar

It is among the most affordable picks on this list, and its design is in a triangular shape that can hold between two to three guitars at a time. Its stability is thanks to the two bases that have rubber padding to reduce slipping, and it is fully capable of holding different lengths of guitars at the same time, and the lean back.

All the touch points also include a special material known as SFF (Specially Formulated Foam), giving it with a non-scratching and soft touch. The height range after adjusting is between 33.6 inches (minimum) to 42.3 inches (maximum), and it can hold a total weight of 33 lbs. on it.


  • The most affordable option on this list
  • Very lightweight and convenient to carry around
  • Much easier to use compared to most basic guitar stands
  • Works well for both bass and electric guitars


  • Tends to be slightly flimsy on its top when you place the instrument (though there is some stability)


This stand has a modern design approach thanks to its minimalism, and it is a good addition to your home if you own a few guitars. It will keep your instrument securely in place with a single snap, so you will not need to worry about damage issues.

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Buying guide to getting a guitar stand

Regardless of whether you plan to play guitar professionally or simply do so for recreational reasons, it is very important to always keep your guitar safe and ensure that it serves you for many years.

There are several ways to do so, though the most common is buying a stand to store the instrument.

Because of this, manufacturers are increasingly improving the designs of guitar stands to make your life more convenient, as well as ensuring you have a proper way of storing your instrument.

The problem is that there are so many options for guitar stands, it is easy to get confused on what to choose or what to avoid, especially when you are unsure of the attributes to look for.

Here are some features to keep in mind when buying a guitar stand.


Among all the considerations to keep in mind, this is the most important. You always want the material to be of high quality, and the sturdiness to remain a guarantee through the strength of the stand.

You will find guitar stands made from a variety of materials, with some featuring exclusively wooden designs while others have metallic ones. Regardless of your choice, it is always best to do some research on the product itself, as well as reading user reviews on it.

Type of stand

You will find several types of guitar stands, with each suiting certain guitars more than others. These types are:

  • Tripod stands: These are probably the first ones you think of when thinking of a guitar stand. They are also referred to as tri-stands or tubular stands; they are in a classic 3-legged design. They are very popular due to their ease of storage and portability, as well as stability on a vast array of surfaces.
  • Frame stands: These resemble the letter ‘A’, and are also widely popular alongside the tripod stand. The difference is that A-Frame stands have a groove on the two legs that supports the guitar from the bottom, while the guitar body rests at a slight angle against the stand’s back support. The stands are highly popular with guitarists that need minimal space, as well as those that want a stand that allows them to pick their instrument quickly when inspiration strikes.
  • Guitar racks: Their popularity stems from gigging guitarists and touring bands, as they provide the perfect solution when you need to transport several guitars at once. Many are also easy to transport and collapse for storage, and they have several safety features such as foam between each segment to prevent instrument clashing or friction, metallic piping, and rubber guards.
  • Quirky holders and stands: These include interestingly-designed stands, wall hangers, and hand grips, and provide alternative ways of storing your instrument without taking much space.
  • Premium stands: These come in the form of hand-crafted, luxury stands, often comprised of wood. They also come at a premium price tag.


This is another important factor to keep in mind. Foldable guitar stands come in handy when you need to travel frequently with your instrument, such as going to gigs or a studio, as they take up less space and are more convenient to transport.

On the other hand, bigger stands that accommodate multiple guitars can prove useful if you have multiple instruments, even though they are not always as convenient to transport.


All guitar stands have some padding that protects the instrument’s finish, and this is very important to consider especially if you own an expensive guitar.

Some materials in the padding can damage the guitar finish, so it is important to know the nature of the padding, as well as whether all the touch points have sufficient padding.

The type of guitars you have

Not all stands are equal, and not all of them will fit your bass guitar or electric guitar. Therefore, it is very important to check if the stand can accommodate the instruments you own.

If you have several types of guitars, then choose a multi-purpose stand or buy separate types of stands for each type of instrument.


At the end of the day, it is important to know your own needs as a guitarist and the instruments you have, as these will help you when choosing a stand for your instruments. Using the general guidelines outlined in this review as well as doing some research on the products will help you make a decision that works for you and your instruments.


Are all guitar stands pet-friendly?

It depends on the materials making up the stand, so the manufacturer will specify about that. Some stands are comprised of materials that are high quality, for instance, and the stand rarely suffers damage from animal disturbances.

Do touring guitarists use racks or stands to store their guitars?

The usual case is that they use racks for storage, alongside large-size guitar flight cases. The racks make it easy for a traveling musician to keep their instrument safe, especially those that want to use a variety of tunings within one set without changing the tune of a single guitar.

Which stand type can hold all guitar shapes?

This is usually the wall hanger type of stand, as it can support any stringed instrument.

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