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If you listen carefully when music is being played most of the time a guitar will be in the vicinity and will be used to add color and texture to the song. And while it may seem easy to strike the various strings, it is a big challenge to offer the best performance when playing live because of the various improvisations, but then again it boils down to the type of guitar that is being used.

My name is Cooper Green and i have been playing the guitar for over 12years now, how I got into playing the guitar is the most interesting part of my career. Growing up in a professional set up, music was never a consideration but that is what I loved, and since I had to defy my parents and get into music, I sometimes wondered what would happen if things didn’t pan out.

I therefore, took guitar courses in high school and proceeded to join the school of music in the university. Am therefore, trained in song writing, I am a good backing guitarist, and passionate on teaching beginners on how to achieve the C chord correctly among other things. On the side, I also teach the university music programs, but since my audience is somehow limited, I decided to share some of the knowledge in this blog.

So, what really goes into getting a guitar; for the new users, who don’t know of what to look for in a guitar, we have comprehensive excerpts with the relevant information at Guitor planet, but just to recap is that once you have identified your favorite guitar at the store, you should have it set up. The above is mostly done by a luthier; setting up therefore, involves, fixing the intonation, the action and the fret edges among others; the above is applicable to both the professional and new players.

During purchase a guitar comes with various accessories, but be keen to getting a unit that comes with all the accessories in one package, because most of them are of poor quality. So some of the things that you must ensure you get with your first guitar are a guitar stand, an electric tuner, a capo, a gig bag and picks.

Getting a guitar online is also not a good idea because you must have it tested out before taking it home. What’s more is that you also need to check on the quality of the build and have to ensure that you get the right type, whether it is an acoustic or electric guitar.

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