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Best guitars for metal

Any metal guitarists will agree that it's more than music - it's a way of life and playing helps cool ...
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The Best Guitar for Blues – A Detailed Buying Guide

Are you looking for a guitar on which you can play hose deep blues that have some form of emotional ...
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The Best Acoustic Guitars – A detailed Buying Guide

Guitars have a way of sounding lovely, and when you have the right one, the sound gets heavenly. So, which ...
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The Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1,000 – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

With the many guitar manufacturers coming up in the market today, it can be difficult to make a selection for ...
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The Best Acoustic Guitar under $500 – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Are you looking to purchase a guitar that is high quality but still affordable? Most high performance instruments are often ...
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The Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners – A Detailed Buying Guide

Are you looking to learn and develop a skill in guitar playing? You need to find an ideal guitar for ...
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Recent Product Reviews

Yamaha FG800 vs FG830 – FG800 Guitar Series Comparison

When shopping for a guitar, you need a guitar that not only meets your requirement, but is also high-quality and ...
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Yamaha F335 vs FG800 – Which is better?

Getting a guitar regardless of your expertise helps you save on costs in the future as you may not need ...
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Taylor big baby vs Seagull S6 – Best starter guitar

Learning how to play an acoustic guitar should be fun. All you want to do is project your potential by ...
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Guitar Care & Frequently Asked Questions

How to Sing and Play Guitar at the same time – A Detailed Guide

While simultaneous activity is largely affected by an individual’s psychomotor, it is possible to train your mind and body to ...
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How to Become a Better Guitar Player – A Detailed Guide

As with any other musical instrument, guitar playing calls for loads of practice and commitment. If you want to become ...
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How hard is it to learn guitar by yourself?

While learning how to play the guitar through an experienced guitar teacher may seem easier and the best option, it ...
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